Sybella Loram
4 min readMar 14, 2023

A New Message of Hope — written by Marshall Vain Summers — copied by Sybella Loram for the word to spread

There are Great Waves of change coming to the world. They will be unlike anything humanity as a whole has ever had to face before. They are largely the consequence of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world and its resources. But they also represent a real threshold, an evolutionary threshold that humanity has reached, particularly regarding its encounter with intelligent life from beyond the world.

It will be a time when a great decision must be made about whether humanity will unite and cooperate to share and manage the resources of the world or whether it will fight and compete, propelling humanity into a state of constant conflict and permanent decline.

It is a great threshold for individuals as well, whether they will fight and struggle to preserve what they have or whether they will unite with others to share and manage the resources that are available and take responsibility for providing for those who will not have the necessities of life.

Many things will fail. Communities and even certain nations, many will collapse. It is certain that many people will have to migrate, and there’ll be a great shift in the order and function of civilization.

It is what the person will see, know and do that will make all the difference in their well-being in the future and in the impact it will have on other people and on society at large.

The fact is that very few people are even aware of the extraterrestrial presence in the world, and even amongst them, very few recognise it as an intervention, as a danger, and a hazard for humanity.

What this means is that not enough people are aware of the reality of the Great Waves of change and the great impact it will have on the human family and the future of humanity in this world.

This is a calling to become aware, to be prepared, to become strong and capable and to begin to take the many steps that will be required to secure your position in the world — gain a stronger position, to prepare yourself for the shock that will come and to put yourself in a position to be of service to others, for great service will be needed.

It is a time for humanity to grow up and to cease its desperate struggles and its adolescent indulgences. For you are now emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where humanity must be strong and unite, become self-sufficient and very discreet.

It is a time for humanity to gain a greater maturity as a whole and to take responsibility for managing the world in such a way that it will continue to sustain you into the future and provide what you need in order to live and to advance.

The consequences of humanity’s overuse and misuse of the world are only now beginning to be felt among the poorest people of the world. They will be the first to suffer, but the impact of this will reach into every nation and every culture and will affect eventually every person in ways that are tremendous and significant.

You must be prepared and given forewarning of what is coming over the horizon. For if you do not look, you will not see. If you do not see, you will not know. If you do not know, you will not prepare. And if you do not prepare, your life will be in great danger.

It is necessary for you to gain a greater clarity and certainty from the deeper well of knowledge within you, or you will fall prey to the confusion and the anxiety, the conflict and the hostility that will arise around you.

You are being given this now as a blessing — the blessing of awareness, the blessing of wisdom and the blessing of having time to prepare yourself, your life, your understanding, your family, your relationships and your circumstances.

This will require a tremendous shift in you, a shift that will happen gradually, a great turning of your life from one of selfish indulgence and fearful attitudes to one of greater strength and objectivity and greater service to others.

This kind of fulfilment cannot be found by the acquisition of pleasure, acquisition of things or acquisition of people. Even freedom from pain or freedom from difficulty cannot give you this fulfilment.

For it is the fulfilment of the soul; it is fulfilling the deeper needs of the soul. It will take great events to bring this out of you, and great events are now upon you and upon the entire world.

What is important is to receive the gift and to bring it into application in your life and to provide it as a service to others. Only then will you know who has created it.

You must move beyond fear and apprehension to gain a greater strength and objectivity and a greater commitment. You must move out of the pathetic viewpoint of your personal mind and anchor yourself in a deeper intelligence within yourself that is not afraid of the future, that is not afraid of whatever might come.

This brings the real possibility for the fulfilment of the soul to you who have come into the world to face the Great Waves of Change, to live at this time of disruption and this time of gravity and opportunity.

Knowledge within you is prepared for what is to come and has been preparing you all along to face the great thresholds that are now upon the world.

It is to ignite a deeper spiritual power within you and a deeper commitment — the deeper commitment that has brought you into the world.

This is to resonate with knowledge within you who have come into the world to give, who have come into the world to be in the world at this time under these circumstances.

This speaks of your deeper nature — your deeper and greater reality. It must be demonstrated through the giving of people and through authentic relationships and genuine service to the world.

This is your greater responsibility. The world is now giving you the greatest opportunity for its realisation and its expression.