Sybella Loram
5 min readMar 2, 2024

How do you get out of your spiritual closet and live your divine purpose?

You have a wisdom that you need to discover, your true will, your true self, the you that God intended you to be. Most of us do not feel this. Many of us are entertaining something false and without a true foundation in our being. If, like most of us, you have felt as though the truth betrayed you, then you have not recognized its value. Perhaps it destroyed your dreams, your plans, your manifestation of your life goal. That house you desired, that lover you obsessed over, the ideal job, promotion, or invite that was going to change your life. But in reality, not achieving these desires, in all cases, would have saved you from pain and misery. It was not your life plan or your destiny. You are not on earth to be a famous singer, but you are here to be a fantastic life coach to help millions. Not what you want, but it is the truth.

Until you discover your life's dharma, your true function for being on this planet and in the body you incarnated in, you will not appreciate how the truth has served you. You cannot appreciate the truth until your truth is recognized and you will continue to claim and justify other roles and functions in your life, working against the universal energy, working against your guides, teachers, higher self, and loved ones on the flip-side, working against and without your gift from God, your inner knowledge, your holy spirit.

Remember that when these other roles, desires, and quests get discouraged or denied by the truth (the universe, manifestation, higher self), it is because you are not on your life path; you are not following the route that was set out for you before you arrived. You are being saved from a greater error, from pain, from mistakes that would have transpired otherwise. Many souls leave this life without completing their soul purpose. Many souls have to return through reincarnation to try again. So read on and learn the importance of listening to your inner knowledge and by listening to your guides, recognizing the universal signs, and understanding the importance of knowing your true authentic self, not the ego self, the false self. Don’t set yourself up to have to return for a groundhog life, because you didn’t listen to the universe and the truth. Your authenticity is inside you, dig deep and read on.

So many of us are preoccupied with thoughts, opinions, and judgments learned, instilled by friends, lovers, religion, culture, or family indoctrination. This creates a self-enclosed world, a tarnished perception along with preconceived ideas, a world where you cannot see out, cannot see the truth, or see what is there on offer from the universe. This blinds them to the possibilities. They can only see the content of their thoughts coloring their experience of life entirely, to where they cannot see life at all.

Meditation exercise -Take 30 minutes to relax sitting or lying quietly with no electrical gadgets on. Take some deep breaths, still your mind, and quiet your thoughts. Now, when the mind is still, I want you to think of a happy achievement that made you proud, that you accomplished. Relish in this memory and reflect on how you overcame any obstacles that you had to get to your desired goal. Go deeper into this memory and remember any lucky coincidences, synchronizations, or weird moments that now, with hindsight, you realize helped you achieve your goal, or perhaps the goal could not have been achieved had the coincidence not transpired. You missed the train to the interview, but someone on the platform asked you for directions and ended up giving you a lift. They were attending the same interview. You end up great friends with this person or even marry them. This is an example of the universe working with you, an example of you being on the right path. On reflection, see that this is not a coincidence. This was synchronicity, the universe, your guides at work.

Now! clear the mind again, relax taking deep breaths as you lean into your relaxing state of mind. But this time, you are going to look back at a painful experience, an experience where you did not get the desired outcome. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The car broke down on the way to the job interview; you got the wrong time, or your computer deleted your application for something. Feel how disappointed you were, but also recognize that this was not bad luck, this was not stupidity. This was the universe working against you and showing you the truth. You were not destined to get that job on the cruise ship; you were not destined to travel; you needed to be here for the universe to put you in the right place at the right time to complete your life Dharma, your life purpose.

If this exercise still brings up pain from a loss of an earlier time, accept that pain and its discouragement, but try to look and see how you were truly served by that loss. See the bigger picture, then embrace the truth.

Chapter 2

It is pointless to justify error. However, an error can bring you to value the truth, which brings you closer to true knowledge. There is no point in condoning error, but when an error occurs, the universe guides you to learn from it with the hope that you do not repeat the same error. This is not to say that error is a service to you or that one should forget one's past errors or justify them. This would merely make you dishonest. What the universe encourages is that we recognize our errors as an error and then we attempt to use them on our behalf. Recognize that the universe is trying to help you, show you the truth, and guide you. The pain of error, along with the tribulation of error, must be accepted. Then this will teach you what is real and what is not, what to value and what not to value. Knowledge will show you the truth. Until we can forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, release the shame we carry, and learn self-compassion, it will only be a source of pain, not a lesson that we have accepted and then utilized it to derive value from our mistakes.

Mediation — In this 30-minute meditation, I want you to look at a specific error that was and possibly still is extremely painful for you to revisit. Try not to dismiss the pain, the shame, or the uncomfortable feelings you may feel. Instead, see how you can learn from this past mistake or error, and how your current life or circumstances can benefit from this shameful experience. Forgive yourself, then use this error to adjust, then make corrections to enhance the quality of your life now. Remember that any error resolution always engenders true recognition and true discernment in a relationship.

What did you learn from this exercise? What needs to be completed that was not completed before, and what needs to be avoided this time that was not avoided before? Can you see how your previous incorrect egotistical perceptions, values, indoctrinations, and learned behaviors have held you back? Will you recognize these errors in advance for the future? What were the signs? How will you continue to recognize these universal and newly learned valued signs in the future? Use the exercise as an introspective process, then allow the investigation to continue to serve you naturally, as it will.