Sybella Loram
5 min readMar 11, 2023

How will humanity react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life? Speculation on this topic abounds. According to Hollywood and how humans have treated each other throughout history, our leaders would have them on the vivisection table before you could say ET go home.

Would we sit and await instruction from our governments? Run to our local churches, stand in the streets of our cities waving religious banners in the air. Or would we take up our pitchforks, unite with our neighbours and fight them on the beaches, in the fields and on the landing grounds?

Would the citizens of the UK still be able to make Churchill proud? Would we still be able to show our patriotic stance and fight them on the beaches or would we all be too busy with our online gaming, and media platforms sitting at home ordering take out while waiting to be rescued by the Americans?

The Evolution of Human Civilization

Looking at the big picture, we recognize that all active participants in our own lives, and in the future of human civilization as well.

Civilization is amid an evolutionary upheaval or metamorphosis. We are transitioning from a state of competition and survival to more conscious behaviours.

Acknowledging the importance of the mind, body, and soul brings us one step closer to creating a more sustainable future based on community and cooperation.

(H Lipton PhD)

The Greater Community of intelligent life is all around humanity and has been for aeons, as we sit on this threshold unaware of what is surrounding us, influencing us, our leaders, our minds, and more. We do not prepare humanity for this advancement. In fact, humanity’s opinion of each other leaves much to be desired, clarifying that a more universal understanding is urgently needed. For if humanity is to move forward and join the rest of ‘The Greater Community — Alien life’ then humanity needs to change how it perceives relationships, spiritually, ethnically, and religiously while also learning to be more aim, with a far less biased human perspective.

Therefore, it is imperative that humanity elevate ourselves. We must unify our race, restore our environment and stand as one while speaking as one voice in the Greater Community. Too many, if not all? What could give us the strength, courage and determination to accomplish such a feat given humanity’s nature? The answer is an alien intervention, the Greater Community on our planet influencing and manipulating our world leaders to perform their bidding for their own ends. We united against the Nazis and we must unite against an alien intervention.

This means leaving behind our distorted personal values, biased idealism and beliefs. This is without doubt the greatest change that humanity has and will ever face. ‘The Great Waves of Change’ (see author Marshall Vain Summers)

For if there were an intervention from what we perceive to be alien life? If the scientists are right, and they intend to step in before we destroy our planet and each other. Then surely humankind needs to work together, bridge those religious gaps, and put our past trials and tribulations behind us for good while singing from the same hymn page. Uniting humanity, man. Women, and children alike.

The challenge of having knowledge that the Greater Community is very real, that there are in fact billions upon billions of life out there is going to have a very important impact on individuals once they realize this. This should, in fact, give most people the incentive to bond together, to share resources and wisdom, and to collaborate for their defence and well-being. With the ever-increasing deterioration of our planet's resources, our need to foster this mindset should be encouraged, but nothing will have an impact and motivation on humanity more than the fear of survival itself, and nothing can set the cat amongst the pigeons more than an alien intervention. Humanity's uniting, sharing, co-existing and contributing to each other's cause will be our greatest weapon. However, where humanity’s stage of development currently is compared to our visitors, means that concern for the survival and safety of our families will be what raises people to a greater level of participation and impetus.

Out of the billions and billions of different, diverse not to mention extremely more advanced than ourselves species we will encounter, the vast majority of them will not be interested in humans at all. Many of them are only interested in preserving our planet for their own benefit. Others seek to trade and create diplomatic relations. Then you have those who wish to exploit humans, manipulate it with mind control and those that purely seek to take what they can before humans destroy it all.

With such a vast and diverse range of intellectual life varying in culture and looks, along with some being spiritual, and developed, but many are not. It is appropriate to presume we are up against a colossal array of extremely different attitudes from ours from each other.

For many reading this, it will seem improbable, unlikely or too farfetched. But if those few of us can take these words on board, give you a greater perspective, helping you see further afield while preparing you for that which is coming over the horizon. Then my words would not have fallen on complete deaf ears or blind to the truth eyes.

Our world's emergence into the Greater Community will be very gradual, but the effects of this emergence will be felt and will be profound. There are some of them that are already here. They are interacting with humans, manipulating our leaders and seeking to genetically bond with human beings to protect the earth's environment by planting their incentives and their advanced intelligence. To some, they could take this as a good experience with greater possibilities for advanced awareness, not to mention genetic development. But this is not a positive step, as they made the decision without human knowledge. It pre-empts our decision-making. As humans and as a race, we do not wish to be dominated, good or bad. It should be our choice.

Unless humanity merges while developing sufficient awareness and discernment, then we will be dominated. The Greater Community holds a far superior mental environment than humans, meaning they can affect what and how we think. The fact they can reach our shores with such ease also means they have greater technology and social cohesion.