Sybella Loram
3 min readJul 5, 2022

Save the Amazon Rain Forest Before it is Too Late — GREENPEACE NEED SUPPORT.

The time is critical in the race to save the Amazon, Greenpeace recently set up an emergency operation to make the planet aware that we are approaching an irreversible tipping point. In a few years, the world's largest rainforest could be lost forever.

President Bolsonaro is funding the chainsaws and bulldozers that continue to destroy 10,000 acres of fragile Amazon rainforest every single day.

Greenpeace’s campaigners are living in Brazil witnessing first-hand that the Amazon is being depleted by cattle ranching, logging and mining, it could soon lose its ability to produce rain and no longer be able to sustain itself and collapse. With it would go the homes of Indigenous Peoples, the iconic jungle wildlife that exists nowhere else on earth and one of our most important defence against the climate crisis.

This year 2022, is the last year that humanity will have to prevent deforestation and climate change from pushing the Amazon rainforest past a tipping point of no return. This is especially relevant as for the first time in history, we are faced with a 50% chance of breaching the earth’s ‘safe’ climate warming target of 1.5C.

Indigenous communities who have spent centuries defending the forest, preserving their way of life and the plants and animal around them, are pushing back against the large businesses that want to destroy forests for profit. They are demanding protection for Indigenous territories and wildlife that supports their livelihoods. Greenpeace’s Amazon Protection Campaign will build on years of collaboration with local leaders, This year their aim is to work with local communities and scientists to document the areas’ biodiversity to help strengthen their call for protection and action to keep the rainforests in the hands of these wonderful and true protectors of the forest.

Greenpeace intends to build a base camp for a team of dedicated forest specialists, working with community leaders on the ground, to monitor and map deforestation using aeroplane flyovers and satellite imagery. As the man-made fires rip through an ancient forest, their expert investigators will use cutting-edge technology to link the land destruction to the companies funding the fires and the Brazilian politicians turning a blind eye. This will be witnessed first-hand by a group of globally influential journalists and celebrities visiting the base camp, to then expose these findings to their readers and followers and call on companies and politicians to act.

Greenpeace is celebrating 30 years of successful campaigning through their newsletters and booklet for the members new and old to see where and how their contributions have been spent and the fantastic outcomes like banning mahogany, stopping the Tapajos dam, and the pivotal soya moratorium protecting more of the Amazon from deforestation for soya.

This is proof that your money does protect the Amazon, has protected it and will continue to protect it. So please sign up now, or donate a one-off amount, and help Greenpeace save your children’s future homes and our planet.

GREENPEACE is desperately reaching out to the people of our planet to help support and to fund the new Amazon Protection Campaign.

Any donation would help or join the monthly newsletter membership for a small fee which also goes to the campaigns.