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4 min readOct 18, 2023


The Intervention The Wage Against Time — For my friend

How would humanity react with an alien landing on earth

Freedom is not a concept or an idea. It is an experience. Therefore, it must be realized in its entirety, least it should it be taken from humanity.

Not that far into the future, an intervention is going to take place. An intervention from visitors, visitors that will create what they deem as their ideal society, a society that will enslave humanity. Today, as they manipulate our leaders, both political and religious, with genetic engineering, brainwashing, crossbreeding, and technology beyond our current understanding. It is feasible that the Vintage Huxley novel, ‘Brave New World’, could end up becoming a reality for humanity here on earth.

If we are to remain a free race in the universe, we must remain self-sufficient. We must be able to provide ourselves with fuel, food, drinking water, and land to grow food on. The problems, corruption that humanity is facing today, the disruption of our economic systems, the wars, hostile relations over religions, invasions like Ukraine are emblematic of just how immature humanity truly is.

If we deplete our world, then we make ourselves vulnerable, creating a scenario where we cannot refuse outside help from within our solar system. If we do not have the option or power to decline the help with resources, we must have but have depleted, then we lose our freedom and our sovereignty on our own planet. We become slaves to other intelligent life, alien life.

There is life out there, in our solar system, that is far more advanced, far more powerful, and far more experienced in what planet earth is experiencing now. For us to become dependent on them, to be seduced by their influence and technology is to lose our autonomy forever. Humanity would become slaves to another breed of intelligent life, possibly several.

For our world is eroding faster than we can comprehend. For humanity is facing problems of such magnitude that it will now take global cooperation to overcome them. We are beyond new technology, new governments, new capital investments. We have created an environmental decline, and as a result we are facing an alien intervention, a takeover, a conspiracy to manipulate and stop humanity from destroying a planet full of life, a beautiful plant that is rare in this part of the universe, that which still possesses natural resources that can be used by other far more advanced races.

It is a fact that very few of us amongst humanity are aware of any extra-terrestrial presence in our world. Those that do do so in secret, and are blind to the fact that these visitors are staging an intervention. An intervention that is a danger and inevitably the end of the human race as we know it. These beings are here to exploit the situation, to appear as spiritual and enlightened beings, those that are here to rescue and guide us through our destructive journey. They will appear to be environmentalists, Friends of the Earth and humanity. But this will be a ruse, this will be a clever and cunning plot to take advantage, take over, and take from us what they have already depleted from their own planets.

With many parts of our world already facing restrictions with water, leading to restrictions on food. We are witnessing the battle lines being drawn as various powerful nations are preparing for positions of control. With China threatening to invade Taiwan, Russia invading Ukraine,various countries, building dams of a colossal size taking control of the great rivers, thus controlling the water for the nations further down. Example being the Mekong which originates from Tibetan Plateau and flows through Western China before reaching Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. So, the impact of China changing the natural flow of this magnificent river upstream significantly impacts those countries that survival depends this on this water downstream.

Now is the time for humanity to grow up and to cease its desperate struggles and its adolescent indulgences. For we are now to join, emerge and become part of a community of intelligent life. A life where humanity must be strong and united, self- sufficient and extremely discreet if we are to remain a free race. For freedom is a rare commodity in the universe, and the visitors care not for ours nor our differences. To them we humans are all the same.

As we start to witness and acknowledge the chaotic events in the world, as those of us who are awake or awakening realize and see the signs, the instruction that the world is providing for us right now. As the social upheaval, revolution, wars over resource acquisition, natural disasters, economic stability with nations falling into debt and financial collapse — all of this and more is what is predicted for earth's future. As this transpires, it is imperative that we, those reading this book, those aware of this and more, those that have been chosen to stand up and talk, teach, write, and produce films, documentaries, their stories so far. You are the no accident, this is the purpose of your life to call you out of your meaningless pursuit for self-satisfaction and pleasure, power, and wealth, into a greater service and participation in the world for humanity. You are here now, sent here at this time from home, incarnated into this lifetime during an increasingly unstable time for earth. Are you up to the task? Can you find the courage to face these facts? Or will you suffer the fear of losing, not having denial, ridicule, possibly ostracization from your communities, social rejection or worse? Will you be a subject of your old desires, or the desires of others? You do not know how bad the planetary will become, only God knows this, and only God can prepare those of us that have been chosen.



Sybella Loram

Teacher of Gods New revelation Psychic Medium & student of knowledge. Warrior for God, Climate Change & Alien Intervention awareness campaign