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We are Always Stronger If We Act Together

God has Plans

Author’s Note

When God created our planet, he did not hold back in anyway. Every detail was thought of, every minute detail, from the hairs on the back of our hands to the natural running of nature and how it provides the basic goods, services and materials that make human life possible. The food we eat, the water we drink and the planet materials we use for fuel, building materials and medicine. But the natural world also provides less visible services. Services such as climate control, natural flood defences, removal of air pollutants by vegetation, and the pollination of crops by insects. When we look with more detail at the world that we take for granted and live in, it is easy to see the mistakes we have made through destroying our natural ecosystems. Maybe now we are walking into the depths of disaster, it will help us to think logically about what aspects of the natural world we are destroying and how it will impact on our children and the future of the world we inhabit.

Food availability is becoming affected both in quality and quantity. Its nutrients, which should come from the minerals in the soil have been depleted. Agriculture is highly vulnerable to climate change because its biological systems depend on suitable weather and reasonably stable climate conditions. Wetter winters, hotter summers, less water, and changes in rainfall patterns have had a huge effect and affect productivity.

Less and poorer quality food also results in a reduced economy.

Earth loses its topsoil and nutrients from over usage but also from fold or too much runoff from rain, often seen with sloping fields. This brings desertification, barren land which can’t support biodiversity or food crops or even grazing animals if not caught in time. If it is, there is grassland only fit for sheep.

Soil degradation has been caused and increased by humans and is still being affected and made worse by humans. Mechanisation and its rapid increase on farms and then the overuse of fertilizer kept production up but the longer term impact on the soil and air were not considered. Productively and income were what was important. The predictions for 2050 are already starting to show. It is expected the ground will be difficult to farm, full of antibiotics and methane, lacking in the nutrients and topsoil needed for healthy, nutritious food. It is also expected that as the planet warms further, crop pests from previously warmer countries, will start to invade countries they were not in before.

After animals started to be farmed intensively for food production, animal diseases became rampant, so antibiotics are routinely administered.

Southeast Asia and Africa which are already hot will suffer particularly hard becoming hotter and more parched unable to produce food as before. As much of Europe’s foods derive from these countries it is expected that 3 billion people will need feeding in 2050.

Rice, the staple food source of one third of the world’s population, yields 10% less every time the temperature goes up by 1%.

Anthropogenic activities have and will continue to affect farming while natural processes aren’t followed and deforestation and land degradation continues. The result will be dramatic changes in farming across the planet.

Population has been increasing due to child immunization and other medical advances which have enabled more newborns to survive and the aged to live longer and healthier lives. The human population is growing too large for society or the environment to sustain it. This is a world population problem as over consumption of the world’s resources have resulted in them being consumed faster than the planet can replenish them. The world population will exceed agricultural capacity causing famine and war over resources, especially water, resulting in poverty, civil war and conflict globally.

Humans have depleted the planet of its natural resources obliterating villages, tribes of indigenous cultures in their own countries, where they have been enslaved, sometimes tortured and mutilated. Crimes against humanity were made against many indigenous people of the Amazon. They endured barbaric torture and mutilation causing them to flee from their own homes when they could. It is estimated that during a twelve-year period approximately 30,000 indigenous people were enslaved to provide rubber for Ford in Europe and the USA.

It has not just been rubber from the trees that has been taken but also reckless deforestation for the mining of flint, lead, coal, gold, silver and tin. And before those mines, according to the World Resources Institute, millions of acres of the Rainforest were cleared to produce palm oil and soya farms as well as cattle ranches for beef.

Now, in the name of profit there’s also fracking and mining for oil and bottom bed trawling for fish destroying our planet.

700 marine scientists and policy experts have proved beyond doubt that bottom trawling is causing a permanent biodiversity loss in some of the most scientifically important ecosystems on Earth, yet our governments refuse to put a stop to it.

Gigantic machines, weighing more than a blue whale are lowered down to the ocean bed, desecrating the incredible marine wildlife and hydrothermal vents that support whole ecosystems. These include deep sea reefs that form the foundation of ocean food chains. The deep-sea mining would potentially destroy this forever doing far more damage than we are currently aware of because scientists believe that 90% of deep-sea species are still undiscovered. Much of the deep-sea mining is sponsored by the UK under the smokescreen of supposed research according to Greenpeace Connect Summer 2023. These monster machines are already causing huge harm to the already endangered blue whales and the mining will also disturb critical carbon sinks and storage. Additionally, the way of life of countless Pacific communities will be jeopardised.

The impact of large-scale fracking is enormous. It creates air, water and noise pollution. Additionally, in the case of the U.K., thousands of wells would be needed to produce just half of its gas demands. This would also require huge numbers of trucks delivering the required chemicals and taking away contaminated wastewater.

Fracking requires water, sand and chemicals to extract the gas and in the process uses more energy than the gas it produces provides. Also, the produced gas, which is a greenhouse gas, is liable to leak into the atmosphere more easily than conventional gas. There is also risk involved in producing it. Depending on the well size, 10,000 to 30,000 cubic metres of water are used in the U.K. which is enough to fill twelve Olympic swimming pools. The average fracking job in America uses approximately four million U.S. gallons of water per well. This is precious water that humanity will go to war over in the near future.

Chapter 1

There can be no more denying or hiding from the fact that global warming is supercharging extreme weather at an astonishing speed which is affecting millions of lives throughout the planet. With evidence–based analysis from NASA since the 1970’s, the influence of human activity on the warming of the climate system has evolved from theory to established fact.

Earth’s climate has changed throughout history, but the current warming rate has not been witnessed in over 10,000 years. Scientific information taken from natural sources such as ice cores, rocks, tree rings, permafrost and ocean samples show this can no longer be denied. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) state that, “with unequivocal evidence, human activity is the cause of the current accelerated climate change”.

Global warming is the slow increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is caused by an increased amount of heat striking the Earth from the sun, then becoming trapped in the atmosphere and not radiated back out into space. The Earth’s atmosphere has always acted as a greenhouse, capturing the sun’s heat, ensuring temperature remains at a certain level to allow the emergence of life forms as we now know. Think of global warming as the equivalent of a greenhouse with its reflective glass installed the wrong way round.

To exacerbate the problem, we are destroying our natural eco system which prevents it from absorbing the C02 from the atmosphere. As we burn one of Earth’s natural eco systems to the ground, not only do we rape the planet of its natural lungs, but we also release the trapped carbon the trees have absorbed back into the atmosphere and the carbon in the soil the trees were in, trebling the existing problem. Today a third of our emissions of C02 is from deforestation burning. So, this large-scale destruction, wrought by humans, is proved to be messing with the natural order and affecting the climate of our planet and home.

To mitigate the effects of climate change, it is necessary to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, shift to renewable energy sources, and implement measures to adapt to the impacts that are already being felt. This can include transitioning to low carbon transportation, promoting energy efficiency, and protecting and restoring natural carbon sinks such as forests, permafrost and phytoplankton. Phytoplankton plays the important role of performing photosynthesis on water. It converts the sun’s rays into energy that then takes in carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. So, you see the importance of these God given sink tanks that we are destroying. It is difficult to determine a specific timeline for when things could get out of control as it depends on a variety of factors including the rate of emissions, reductions and the effectiveness of adaptative measures taken. However, it is widely acknowledged that immediate and sustained action is necessary to avoid the worst-case scenario and ensure a stable and comfortable, liveable future. Unless humanity moves now and fast toward zero, the negative impact of the climate change we are witnessing today will quadruple for the next generation. This does not bode well for the future generations of all sentient species that wish to remain on this planet. Even if there are those who still do not recognize this as an existential threat to humanity now, surely, they realize it will create insurmountable problems for those already suffering in the poorer regions.

17% of the Amazonian rainforest has been deforested for cattle ranches, soy and palm oil farms, logging, mines, and dams. Most of this has been done illegally with Palmolive oil being the most destructive. Environmentalists claim about 95% has been illegal. Putting the 17% in perspective, the Amazon and Biomass research groups state President Jair Bolsonaro was responsible for the burning down of two billion trees. That is just a portion of the 17%.

With fewer trees there is less rain, higher temperatures, and the likelihood of drought for Brazil. This is not good for an agricultural economy, growing crops and exporting surplus crops. Brazil has been subject to severe drought since 2021 as the Panama River Basin has suffered a severe decrease in water, causing 40 million people across Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to go without food, freshwater supplies, and the negative effect of no hydropower generation, which means they also have no or limited electricity supply.

Since 1978 about one million square kilometres of Amazon rainforest have been destroyed across Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana.

There has been nowhere near enough genuine compassion or real comprehension and realization of what is happening to our planet now! As a result, there is no hope of any positive progress to slow-down this human-made disaster. Gadgets, technology, prayer, or an alien intervention will not save our lives or our planet as we know it today, we have turned that corner. It is just a matter of how and when the tipping point comes. Will we as a human race continue to exist? Will we cease our endless conflicts, unify, and save ourselves and our planet from outside intervention and subsequent self-destruction?

Earth’s temperature has been on the rise since the Industrial Revolution and it is now clear, backed up with scientific evidence, that although natural variants play some part in the temperature rise, human activities, particularly those causing massive amounts of carbon dioxide to be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere causing it to warm up, is the problem. Natural evolution is far slower.

According to NASA’S Goddard Institute for Space Studies, scientists have shown that average global temperatures on Earth have increased by at least 1.1 Celsius since 1880, and most of that percentage since 1975.

According to Roger Hallam talking in Brussels in 2021, the climate crisis is not to do with the climate being in crisis, it is a crisis for humans and how they are to survive. Leading scientists who agreed it was possible to stay under a 1,5 Celsius increase now say that that time has gone, and physics states this is worldwide.

Top scientists around the world do not want to rock the political boat because of the money that is being made. Capitalism breeds extinction. It is a collective activism problem where the people making money do not want to reform.

Capitalism is criticized for establishing power in the hands of a minority. This same capitalist class often exists through the exploitation of a working-class majority for prioritising profit over social good, natural resources and the environment. and for being an engine of inequality and economic instabilities.

A paper called “The Future of the Human Niche 2022” written by a leading world-class scientist wrote that because of one degree Celsius, one thousand million people will live in areas that are uninhabitable in approximately 15 years’ time and social collapse is inevitable without climate mitigation or human migration. The temperature experienced by most humans in the coming decade is projected to change more than it has over the past six millennia. This temperature comparison is between then and pre-industrial times (taken as 300y BP or 1650 C.E.) There is a slight discrepancy due to land warming much faster than oceans and human population growth being projected to be in predominantly hotter places.

As custodians of this planet, we can’t afford to be in denial, pretending or presuming others will take positive control offsetting this disaster. We must all act now being honest with ourselves and with each other. We must learn to communicate amongst ourselves, cease our tribal allegiances, and stop the skirmishes, the wars, the greed, the oppression and economic control over existing water. A decision on how to provide support for vulnerable countries concerning future loss and damage is vital. We must support one another by taking the steps to produce, manage and make available the much-needed resources to meet each other’s needs.

Chapter 2

828 million people go to bed hungry every night. The number of those facing acute food insecurity has soared from 135 million to 345 million since 2019.

There are 49 million people in 43 countries that are teetering on the edge of famine, yet we lose one third of food produced for human consumption globally. This amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year. All the food produced but not eaten would feed two billion people. That’s more than twice the number of undernourished people across the world. The WFP (World Food Programme) has stated; “If wasted food were a country, it would be the third largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world”, (decomposing food produces carbon dioxide). This would be after the USA and China. Already there is disruption all over the planet, with extensive regions struggling to produce food for themselves and for export. When countries stop exporting food, it can make global hunger far worse and the potential exporter short of money. Trade is vital to mitigating the global food crisis because some countries rely on imported food.

Chronic poverty, conflict, economic shocks and food loss are the root causes of hunger worldwide. Food loss also represents a waste of the very resources used to produce food, such as land, water, and energy.

Climate change will affect every country in the world, but its impact will be felt differently across all regions, some being hit much worse than others. These differences are created by a region’s level of poverty, resource availability, civil war and religious strife which make it difficult to measure the full impact of climate change. We can be sure though, that nations with less effective and competent governments will be at the gravest risk and that levels of inequality across the world are, and will continue to be, the greatest factor.”

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations said,

“There is enough food in our world for everyone, but we must work together, urgently, to make this zero-hunger world a reality.” The issue is about distribution. “In our world of plenty, I will never accept the death from hunger of a single child, woman or man. When war is waged, people go hungry.”

60% of the world’s undernourished people live in areas affected by conflict. In 2021 most of the 140 million people suffering acute hunger lived in just ten countries: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Even before the Ukraine crisis struck, the world was already facing a food crisis due to climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. The number of people falling into starvation rocketed from 80 million to 323 million.

Ukraine provides food for 400 million people by exporting over 50% of its grain, so when Russia invaded Ukraine in July of 2022 the market volatility occurred. The United Nations continue trying to get ports working so that the 36 dependent countries can import grain again. Failure to open the ports in the Odessa region is a declaration of war on global food security, which could cause famine, political destabilization, and mass migration. To those not directly involved in any part of the conflict it is scandalous. Pakistanis for example, are at great risk of going hungry because their country relies heavily on wheat and fertilizer from Ukraine.

Without our world leaders and national governments collectively taking immediate aggressive and coordinated global action, it is inevitable that an extraordinary amount of human suffering worldwide will become worse. Climate disruptions, lack of fertilizer and record low amounts of cooking oils and grains are causing the decades of global economic progress to be undone. This is made worse by the price of fertilizer tripling because of restrictions on natural gas which enables the production of the fertiliser.

A separate issue is the extreme droughts affecting wheat and agricultural produce in the United States and Brazil which are the first and third ranked of the world’s producers and exporters. As global food security is severely impacted inflation results. These droughts are the worst in over 20 years but the effect of climate change on developing countries is more damaging because they have lower coping capacity. Eight out of ten countries most affected by the quantified effects of extreme weather events belong to the lower-middle income category.

This is just the beginning of what awaits humanity as we succumb to the great waves of change. The Earth as we know it is changing as it slowly tries to adapt to the tragic state of artificial evolution brought on by humanity’s greed and lack of empathy towards each other, our creator God, and the magnificent world along with all the sentient beings created for the human family.

Climate change is real, the effects are already generating billions of economic losses around the world. We have everything we need to reverse the problem. Solar power, wind power, nuclear power, hydropower, and some of our leading inventors working on other tools right now. The Paris agreement is proof that global cooperation is possible; it is now a matter of those in a position of power acting on and deploying the agreement.

Electricity consumption accounts for more than three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions and the manufacturing of steel and concrete is responsible for a vast amount of these emissions,

It is clear how much most of the planet relies on electricity. With the flick of a switch, it’s possible to receive light, power for the toaster, hair dryer or tv, very cheaply. So as electricity is a major contributor to the climate problem, financing a massive deployment of cheap electricity is critical if we are to avoid a climate disaster. It might surprise the reader to know that the making of electricity accounts for just over a quarter of all emissions. However even though electricity is only 26 percent of the problem, it will be far more than this that goes toward the solution. If we were able to create clean electricity, then we could stop burning hydrocarbons which emit carbon dioxide. This would not just be for our cars and home gadgets but would provide clean electricity for current energy intensive factories all over the world. One-fifth of the world’s carbon emissions come from the manufacturing and production sectors.

Try as one might, it is extremely difficult to escape the carbon footprint. Your toothbrush, the clothes and shoes you send your kids to school in, the vacuum, the hairbrush and cooking utensils you use are all manufactured in a large carbon driven factory. 54 percent of the world’s energy production goes into production. It is vital that the manufacturing companies address their decarbonization options urgently.

If we are to give up coal, oil, and natural gas, where will our clean electricity come from? Electricity is cheap and the share of global power that comes from burning coal (roughly 40 percent) hasn’t changed in 30 years. In the same time frame oil and natural gas together account for around 26 percent. Fossil fuels provide two-thirds of the world’s electricity and solar and wind together, 9 percent. Since 2019, 236 gigawatts of coal plants have been built around the world, with coal and natural gas now being the fuels of choice. This is especially prevalent in developing countries where demand has gone through the roof in the past decades. China is currently the biggest producer of coal on the planet and tripling its use of coal power is driving down the cost of a coal plant by 75 percent. They are now moving to attract the new developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and developing nations.

Africa in particular wishes to leapfrog into the renewable energy age as cheaply as possible as it did when the cell phone was introduced. This has attracted investors like Siemens and Schneider Electric to invest in off grid solar power there and it has shown what is possible in this critical step toward clean electricity. With existing financial incentives already in place and the World Bank’s RESPITE initiative providing benefits that spill over and complement existing regional integration within the energy sector, it’s proving, that with communication that lacks competition, all things are possible.

The World Bank states that more than 700,000 solar systems have already been installed in Sub-Saharan Africa to supply 56 million new customers by 2023. This is a triumphant positive step for humanity and the race against climate change to reach the zero-carbon footprint.

With the number of climate-related disasters globally having doubled since the 1990’s and the UN reporting that in the last ten years climate related disasters have on average affected 16 million people and financially caused billions of dollars in eco-damage, the investment in solar systems in Sub Sahara Africa can only be a good leap for humanity. However, despite that, nearly 733 million people worldwide still live without any electricity, and as progress currently stands, 670 million will remain without it by 2030. The United Nations state that around 2.3 billion people still cook or heat and light their homes with polluting fuels harming their health and that of the environment.

Renewable energy can help countries. Solar and wind technologies could be a game changer for many of these poorer developing countries with sun and wind being abundant and cost competitive. The problem is land space, and battery storage. The cost of battery or energy storage via hydrogen is gigantic not to mention the space needed, its safety, and security. It would be necessary to discuss energy storage at the same time as discussing plans for more renewable energy.

We can expect that future electric power generation in the UK will be based on variable renewables. This will be primarily wind and solar, possibly supported by nuclear. Unlike fossil fuel and nuclear generation, renewables will often produce less power than required, an extreme case being the lack of solar electricity generated at night.

One of the biggest challenges for renewables will therefore be to deal with the periods when “the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow”. Then there are the already negative effects of climate damage, such as the horrific drought in Brazil causing the Panama River Basin to cease to be able to provide hydro power since 2021. They do not possess energy charged batteries with a backup supply of electricity. Could the tree cover loss in the Amazon coupled with soy cultivation and cattle ranching in its place be triggering the negative agricultural climate consequences? The cattle ranching is contributing to half of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions to date (2023).

Because of the Earth being tilted by approximately 23.5 degrees, there are countries such as Norway that receives 6 months day followed by 6 months of night. How would solar power without backup storage of electricity work for such countries? With net-zero carbon targets requiring almost all energy to be provided by renewable electricity. It would be clear that for our planet to go zero-carbon it is essential we find a cheap, safe, and secure storage for clean electricity (renewable energy) which to date, has been largely neglected by our governments around the world.

We must find clarity, objectivity, and the determination to overthrow our governments. We must stand up and be heard, stand up and state what it is that the people want. Without action we will continue to hide our heads in our technology while the people we placed in power drag our planet into an age that humanity will never recover from. An age where outside alien intervention could have total control over our minds, where they plan to dictate to us how we live and how we interact, taking away our freedom and homes and making us slaves on our planet Earth.

We need to look within, recognize our individual greater purpose and not live a life of predictability.

Chapter 3

The world that we now live in is attempting to become one community for this is its path, the path of evolution. Our creator is also the creator of billions upon billions of other intelligent lives both in our solar system and others. As we continue to stupidly and ignorantly post out messages to any life that can hear it in our solar system. We alert others of our vulnerability and of just how divided humanity is. We make ourselves known, when we should in fact play our cards closer to our chests and maintain a low profile should we wish to remain a free race in this part of the galaxy. For free planets and free species are a rarity indeed.

It is unfortunate, but true nevertheless, that humanity has not realized the importance of the mental and greater community environment. Humanity still sees the universe as a large untouched void just waiting to be exploited, conquered, or destroyed, an extension of how we are within our own fractured world, declaring war on each other, manipulating, threatening and power-mongering. Much like the adolescents of our world, we have not grown up, we have not learnt to use our minds over our technology, for knowledge and technology is not wisdom. This is where the greater community have the upper hand. For they, especially in our region of space, are advanced in the field of mind manipulation, telepathy and more. The power and ability they have clearly places humanity as the primitive race.

Global security is now the greatest issue. So, we must start to think as a united race of people on a wonderful planet within a Greater Community of intelligent life. Because of our immature behaviour and our need to be constantly at war with one another, humanity is not held in the highest regard by many in this Greater Community. We are seen as a warring set of tribes destroying a magnificent world that has many assets of great value that others covet. To intervene for their own self-interest, to preserve these resources and to use humanity as a workforce is just a logical step to those that want what we have.

But how can we evolve when we are so fragmented? How can humanity advance when it is in opposition with itself. How does the world expect peace when one fraction of it is competing with another? Our planet, like many of the minds out there is constantly at war with itself, with no consistent focus or any real direction or purpose. This world, our world, is attempting to become one community, one human family. All of God’s worlds, wherever intelligent life has evolved, must become one community eventually. That time is here for humanity.

Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself, not other forms of intelligent life that not only look different from us but are different from us. These other forms carry great power and ability, both technologically and with genetic manipulation. Humanity has not, to date, cultivated the necessary interactions with these races who think differently, have extremely different values and priorities as well as social structures.

We still have a childlike view of the universe which means we are naïve. This places us in a vulnerable position, so you see reader, this is why the human race is not prepared. It is imperative that we all learn and play our part in sharing our resources, sharing our lives with our neighbour’s, growing our communities once again, preparing the human family to merge with the great community, the intelligent sentient non-human E.T. life that exists on our planet’s doorstep. How and when exactly this merger will be achieved is beyond our and certainly my present scope. But if we look around us without judgment, without the eyes of a capitalist or narcissist, or someone who would deny God, the world’s constant problems show humanity’s need to unify, and you will recognize it is time for this evolution. It is time for our world to evolve with other worlds. It is time for humanity to wake up. When we look at the conflicts and the problems the world is facing today, we should understand the need for them to be settled permanently.

Surely when we reflect on our history and current affairs around war, conflict, and religion it is apparent that the wars we wage against each other, and the world is to preserve separation. Maintaining this control and propaganda sustains separation and is useless because regardless of resistance, evolution must take place. It is the natural order of the universe and God’s will. All separation must be ended, and all must contribute. It is inevitable. It is written it is why our creator has sent another messenger with a new Revelation.

Regardless of whether humanity prepares itself and the world for the future or ignores the warnings about climate change and living harmoniously with each other, regardless of whether the intervention overthrows humanity, the merging of our world and the greater community of intelligent life will proceed.

It is up to the individual not to be complacent and to actively engage their mind. To recognize any ambivalence about the world becoming one community and to recognize that one’s fears, one’s concerns, one’s hopes and dreams may not be fulfilled. It is important to unlearn the religious dogma and lessons that were thrown upon you when growing up. Religion had its place, this is true, but the world has a course to follow and is still being ambivalent about much of it. So, it is up to the individual to unlearn ambivalence, to unlearn the science, the conspiracy theories and many of the spiritual teachings, previous fads, authors, cults that have been observed, read or listened to. Just because it was written, published and read does not make it true. You must not go down that rabbit hole; you must listen to your inner knowledge and be a student of this God given knowledge. This is your connection with the creator, to your source. Through this gift, you will be shown and steered in the correct direction of your life plan, fulfilling your Darma, your life plan and purpose. Through God’s gift you will receive enlightenment, reach self-actualization and the awakening from your ego. Knowledge will assist you in your true great undertaking, for your true contribution to the world, small or great, your life purpose could be the catalyst that saves the future of humanity. We must prepare each and every one of our humble lives means something and we must prepare. For humanity’s freedom depends on our preparation; it depends on our willingness to not only open our hearts but also our minds. Each one of us is responsible for teaching and for setting the stage for our own freedom and securing it within the world.

You must not be discouraged if those around you will not hold your values and beliefs or acknowledge your commitment. There are those amongst us that are not ready to break away from their beliefs, from their ignorance, do not respond with condemnation or judgment upon them. Their faith, their egos those that they love tell them that what they have previously learned, read, studied or held close to their hearts is the right way. Knowledge will teach you to value the valuable and release the meaningless and it is through knowledge that value will be returned to those that do not yet understand, as they struggle with their fantasies or imagination. As those of us become students and teachers of knowledge we also demonstrate the presence of knowledge as well as the need for knowledge. We prepare not just ourselves but for the advancement and fulfilment of humanity. (Step 245) Those not ready nor wish to become students of knowledge, they will be strengthened by others accomplishments.

Be aware then, that there are many within our world and beyond our world who are undertaking this preparation. They are teachers of the greater community, of knowledge, of God’s will, and they serve their worlds as we do ours with all their heart and soul, for we are indeed truly all connected both in this world and others. God loves us all.

People need to stop looking at their lives as a “happiness house”, with marriage, mortgage, career, and pension. These are a thing of the past. The foundations of your life must change by rebuilding and restructuring your beliefs, values, and outlook on life. The world is changing in ways that we cannot fully predict, and we must change with it if we want to remain free and survive. The old and new religions are not equipped to prepare humanity for this venture and there will not be a second coming for any of them. God has provided us with the New Message. The messenger, Marshall Vain Summers, carries the great burden of giving us this New Revelation.

Today it is important that we start to wake up and look at how we can serve our planet, our race, the human race, and our children’s future — their home, the Earth.

We are faced with a paradigm shift where we have changed the world and now the world is reacting, reacting in a way that the human family is not preparing for, and the majority of humans are not expecting. As social conditions change drastically, we can expect the dynamics of leadership along with the political foundations across the world to change with it. As the continents around the world become uninhabitable there will be mass displacement civil unrest and war, fighting for the control over resources especially water. In the future food will be far more difficult to grow, to distribute internationally will become a challenge if at all possible. It will become imperative that we grow our own food where we can. Land will become scarce as it is built upon to house the ever-growing population of our planet or taken by the ocean as the ice melts pushing the sea levels up.

In places humanity will eventually return to a far simpler life, a more authentic life, a life where we have a more solid connection with land and nature, back to growing our own produce and harvesting our own food. There will be simpler social interaction and a return to a way of life that limits its consumption and its population. The way in which we use our water resources will change. Travel will change. No more jet setting around the world on a whim, no more owning three or four cars per household. As the worlds resources become depleted the return of horses like the great English Shire, will once again return. Once again humanity will become one with the land as they work it with their hands, perhaps ploughing, tilling and planting. Humanity is still blind and still reckless as it continues to hide its heads in the sand, we call social media. Was it not Gandhi who said, “non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as it is to co-operate with good”.

Chapter 4

Freedom is not a concept or an idea. It is an experience. Therefore, it must be realized in its entirety, lest it should it be taken from humanity.

Not that far into the future, an intervention is going to take place. An intervention by visitors, visitors that will create what they deem is their ideal society, a society that will enslave humanity. Today they are manipulating some of our political and religious leaders with fake promises of leadership and power. They are brainwashing, cross breeding, and using technology beyond our current understanding. It is feasible that the Vintage Huxley novel, ‘Brave New World’ could end up becoming a reality for humanity here on Earth. It will be decided where people live, what they eat, what they think, where and what they do for work, how old they are allowed to live, and what happens to the elderly, handicapped, mentally ill or disfigured. As critical as humanity is of its own society and each other, I believe I would be right in writing that humanity is not ready or willing to allow an alien intervention to take place.

If the human family is to remain a free race in the universe, we must be self-sufficient. We must be able to provide ourselves with drinking water, land to grow food on and have fuel available. We’re facing problems caused by corruption, the disruption of our economic systems, wars and hostile relations over religions and invasions like Russia into Ukraine when a neighbouring country wants to gain itself more power or take something a neighbouring country has. All this is emblematic of just how immature humanity truly is.

If we continue to deplete our world to the point where we can’t all survive, then we make ourselves vulnerable. We are creating a scenario where we will be unable to refuse outside help from within our solar system. If we do not have the option or power to decline the help with resources, then we lose our freedom and the sovereignty of our own planet. We become slaves to other intelligent life. What would we do when neighbouring planets with intelligent life on them don’t endorse what we humans are doing?

There is life out there in our solar system that is far more advanced, far more powerful, and far more experienced in what planet earth is experiencing now. For us to become dependent on them, to be seduced by their influence and technology, is to lose our autonomy forever. Humanity would become slaves to another breed of intelligent life, possibly several. Our world is eroding faster than we can comprehend. Humanity is facing problems of such magnitude that it will now take global cooperation to overcome them. We are beyond new technology, new governments and new capital investments. We have created an environmental decline and consequently are facing an alien intervention, a takeover, a conspiracy to manipulate and stop humanity from destroying a planet full of life. Earth is a beautiful planet that is rare in this part of the universe, and it is one which still possesses natural resources that can be used by other far more advanced races.

It is a fact that very few humans are aware of any extra-terrestrial presence in our world. Those who are, do so in secret, and are blind to the fact that these visitors are staging an intervention. An intervention that is a danger because it will result in the end of the human race as we know it. These beings are here to exploit the situation. They appear as spiritual and enlightened beings to rescue and guide us away from our destructive journey. They will appear to be environmentalists, friends of the earth and humanity. But this will be a ruse. This is a clever and cunning plot to take advantage, take over, and take from us what they have already depleted from their own planets.

Many parts of our world are already facing water restrictions, with a knock-on effect of reduced food production. We are witnessing the battle lines being drawn as various powerful nations are preparing for positions of control. China is threatening to invade Taiwan, Russia has invaded Ukraine and various countries are building dams of colossal size to take control of the great rivers to control the water of nations further down its flow. An example being the Mekong which originates in the Tibetan Plateau and flows through Western China before reaching Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The impact of China changing the natural flow of this magnificent river upstream significantly impacts those countries whose survival also depends on this water downstream.

Now is the time for humanity to grow up and to cease its desperate power struggles and its adolescent indulgences. We, the whole human race, should now join together, merge and become part of a world-wide community of intelligent life. A life where humanity must be strong and united, self-sufficient and extremely discreet if we are to remain free. Freedom is a rare commodity in the universe and the visitors do not see our differences. To them we humans are all the same.

As those of us who are awake or awakening realize and see in the signs of the chaotic events happening in the world, the social upheaval, revolutions, war over resource acquisition, natural disasters and world-wide economic instability, they realise the world is showing us right now, that we need to sort out its problems if we want to remain free.

It is imperative that we, those reading this book, those aware of this and more, those who have been chosen to stand up and talk, teach, write, and produce films and documentaries about their stories so far, do so. You are not here by accident; this is the purpose of your life. You are to call out and resist any meaningless pursuit for self-satisfaction and pleasure, power, and wealth. To participate in the world for humanity is the greatest service. You are here now, sent here at this time from home, incarnated into this lifetime during an increasingly unstable time for Earth. Are you up to the task? Can you find the courage to face these facts, or will you suffer the fear of losing, not having, denial, ridicule, possible ostracization from your community, social rejection or worse? Will you be a subject of your old desires, or the desires of others. You do not know how bad the planet will become, only God knows this, and only God can prepare those of us that have been chosen.

Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself, its own adversaries, elements, and Earthly animals, not various forms of intelligent life from other planets or dimensions that not only look different from us but are different from us. These other forms of intelligent life carry great power through their technology, technology that humans have only dreamt up in films, and they have ability to manipulate, control and read our minds. Humanity has not to date cultivated the necessary mindset to equip itself to even begin to comprehend how E.T. races think. These races possess extremely different values, priorities and social structures. We still have a childlike view of the universe. We are naive which places us in a vulnerable position.

If the average person was to look deeply at the world’s consistent problems, it would be clear that there is a need to unite and resolve them. The human family also needs to recognize it is time for our world to evolve again, but this time it will be with other worlds.

It is time for humanity to wake up and jump out of the Matrix. When we look at the problems the world is facing today and then the solutions that are called for, and when we look at the conflicts in the world and the requirement that they be settled permanently, we should wake up and try to resolve these things.

Surely when we reflect on our history and current affairs around war, conflict, and religion, it is apparent that the wars that we wage against each other and the world by desecrating it, is to preserve separation, to stop humanity becoming one community, to maintain the control, the power, and the propaganda that separation sustains. But this is now useless, because regardless of resistance, evolution must take place. It is the natural order of the universe and God’s will. All separation must be ended, and everyone is needed to contribute. This is what is written.

Regardless of whether humanity prepares itself and the world for the future, regardless of whether the intervention overthrows humanity, or the climate and Earth’s desecration is ignored, the merging of our world with the greater community will proceed.

It is up to the individual not to be complacent about this and to actively engage their mind. To recognize if they have ambivalence about the world becoming one community and to recognize if they are afraid or concerned. It may be that hopes and dreams are not fulfilled. It is also important to unlearn what has been learnt, to be a student of knowledge. Religious dogma and the lessons that were thrown upon you while growing up need to be analysed. Religion had its place, this is true, but the spiritual teachings you have observed, read or listened to must be re-assessed. The world has a course to follow yet it is still ambivalent about so much. So, it is up to the individual to unlearn ambivalence, to unlearn science and the conspiracy theories. You must not go down that rabbit hole. Instead, you must listen to your inner knowledge. This is your connection to the Creator and to your source. Accomplishing this will assist you in your great undertaking. This could be your contribution to the world and to the future of humanity. We must prepare. Humanity’s freedom depends on our preparation. It depends on our willingness to not only open our hearts but also our minds. Each one of us is responsible for teaching and for setting the stage for their own freedom and securing their own freedom within the world.

There will be difficulties that we encounter but evolution must take its natural course within the individual as well as within all of humanity. We must not forget the inflictions of evolution taking place on the other worlds too. But as we evolve, we can increasingly become a force for good in the world — a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict. A force for peace, for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationships. We need to become more accountable and responsible for how we live and what we consume and do. Do we really need those cheap clothes made in a sweat shop by third world children and families? The burgers we consume which support cattle ranching that deforests the Amazon along with the heating oil that we managed to survive without for hundreds of years. It is all very well having high ideals and values, but when we shop indiscriminately, we are in fact supporting the worst practices in the world.

Humanity has the advantage that many other civilizations do not have. Humanity has kept alive its spiritual awareness, its essence of inner wisdom and knowing and despite its tragic conflicts, wars and the great misfortunes which we have wrought upon ourselves and still do, we are still a world of great promise and significance.

All the great messengers of our world came from the Angelic Assembly that oversees our world and were sent to humanity at great turning points in human understanding and/or development. These great prophets such as Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha were not the sons of God, but sent to us through the Angelic Assembly for humanity, and today God’s New Revelation is given by Marshal Vian Summers a modern-day prophet. It is the most expansive revelation ever given but it is to a literate world with global communication who can better understand the true message that God is sending us. There is less room for misconstruing or misapplying this message in the future and greater opportunity for the people on Earth to truly understand what they are receiving and why they are receiving it in 2023. Marshall Vain Summers has given his life to God’s New Revelation for the world which comes with blessings and a warning that there is need for a great preparation. This is not a gift for the select few, for the richest or privileged. This message is for all of humanity throughout all the world and it is given in the simplest and clearest possible way. Humanity has this one great chance to restore the world and to prepare for the Greater Community of life. What happens now in our world and beyond our planet regarding our world, will determine the fate of every person alive today and of those in the future. The planet will survive regardless as it has countless times through different evolutions, but humanity may not. We must sit up and listen to this New Revelation from our Creator. This turning point is real and is happening. As with all God’s chosen prophets who are in direct contact with God, truths and revelations are revealed to help, prepare, and guide those who listen away from unhappiness. The revelations share counsel from the Lord for their current time. This New Revelation from God is to make us aware that if humanity continues to destroy the natural world as it is currently doing, human civilisation will not be able to continue and sustain itself in any recognisable form. Humanity will then fall prey to the dominating forces of the universe, become enslaved and everything of historical value from our past and Earth’s wonderful natural environment will be lost forever.

The Seal of the Prophets has been broken again by God. All of God’s great messengers and their missions on Earth should be recognized without contention or competition between the religions of the world. For all the religions were all initiated by God as building blocks at certain times in the human family’s evolution and each block with each religion was different, unique in its own teachings. Like the spokes of a wheel each religion was based around a central axes one God, one creator they appear to be different, but they are not for we are all moving to the same God to return to source. To recognize this, to see the importance of the human family uniting it is imperative we change the way we see and view religion. For although God recognizes that the human family will never be able to worship through one religion, one teaching there will be no final revelation as our creator has more to teach the human family as humanity is facing thresholds it has never had to face before. As we enter the history, or a new juncture and the world’s religions cannot prepare humanity for this. For now, a building block must be given as we learn to live with each other cooperating and unifying facing an outside intrusion from those that would undermine humanity, from those that have no understanding of spiritual influence from religions of old or agent text. Religion can never be used as a banner of war, or for cruelty, or control. Religion is to build the human family build unity build a foundation for all not to divide and rule exploit and corrupt. Fundamentally all the religions were given to humanity by God to bring us to understand knowledge that is within us. Through knowledge we will no longer be in contention with each other as knowledge within us all cannot be in contention with knowledge in others. We must learn to have greater compassion for one another a greater understanding and to lead humanity back to their primary relationship with God the one God of us all. This is a great challenge for the human family can we accept the truth, can we overcome our own ideologies, our own conditioning and our own beliefs.

With each religion a messenger was sent through the Angelic Assembly by God our God our source. For it is though humanities separation each religion was changed, manipulated, and abused or used to abuse by man. As contention with each other grows depriving each other with security.

This Revelation is being delivered by the messenger in his own time, during his lifetime so it will be truly authentic. It will not be assembled by those who did not meet or know him in later years as before. This revelation must speak to people of all faiths, traditions and all nations and cultures, to a world that faces great decline as the world heats up and crops fail the world’s economy will be shaken by this.

We must prepare for the future; God has spoken but it is up to us to pay heed. We must speak up against the intervention, against war. In the future the stimulus to go to war over resources along with territorial control and perceived enemies will be so great because of economic difficulties that will arise, the world’s diminishing resources and the displacement of people which will happen because of extreme weather change around the planet. This will be humanity’s greatest trial. The trial will not just be the importance and need for humanity to unite in the face of the greater community, but to manage and utilize the world’s resources sufficiently to avoid war and competition with each other. We will be far more vulnerable if we do not unify. This is why God has spoken again. God has given us what we need to see humanity through this evolution. If humanity could only know what is looming over the horizon and the hazards that we are facing, war would stop tomorrow, it would cease to be an option. The contention we have between nations would become a thing of the past. We are standing on a battleground where we either work together to build a new united future for the human family globally or we self-destruct, we destroy ourselves.

Those who are currently visiting our planet now will seek to use our weaknesses and failures. They will exploit us, group by group, nation by nation, until we are less than nothing. So where will you place your faith? Without faith in something, someone, a God, then we are left with only hope or despair. Many are disappointed in God because of individual loss or personal failure. This has changed their notion and their belief, perhaps even destroyed any remnants of whatever faith they had, if any. But people need faith in something and will have faith in something. This could be their government, a social circle, the local community or local working man’s club, an institution, gym, culture, cult, family, or some voluntary organization. Be it themselves, their abilities, technology, nature or the local nutty leader, there will be faith somehow, somewhere. To be without any faith is to be barren, to be empty, to be living in a type of purgatory hell.

With the Great Waves of Change it will be a question of where one places one’s faith and who can be trusted? To have faith in the government now is to be blind to the truth, but in the future, even the government will not be able to manipulate people as it does today. We will begin to see governments unable to provide for their people even in the wealthier nations. In some places governments will seem incompetent and be in conflict with each other and their people. They will not be able to lead, guide or educate them. Also, many governments will be left wondering who or what they can trust. Even today governments are not telling the truth regarding the Earth’s natural resources, the facts of climate change and the effect it is having on the planet and the truth of what is really coming to the family of humanity.

With people being thrown into harsh and horrific circumstances, there will be tragedy, starvation, conflict, war, displacement, independent leaders and cults rising from the shadows. Many religious fanatics will believe it is judgment day, the second coming. This will simply not be true, there will be no second coming. This is not judgment day, nor is it God punishing humanity, for God loves humanity with deep compassion. This is why this revelation has been sent. This is why God is preparing humanity for the coming of the Great Waves of Change.

Many will blame God saying or thinking why is God allowing this to happen? Is God punishing us for our great sins and errors? What kind of loving God would allow this amount of suffering to take place?

People will be pushed to limits they have never encountered before. People will find faith in themselves challenged, as those around them, family, friends and neighbours start to show their true colours. As the world takes on this chaotic unpredictable, and in many places, dangerous environment, people will be challenged to find food, water and a place to stay or live.

Shelter of any kind will be harder and harder to find for many citizens in many cultures. Displacement will be on a scale not seen in our world before, and it won’t go back to how it was. These changes will be permanent. With countless irresolvable problems on a continuous and increasing scale, it will test humanity in ways that we cannot imagine.

Everything we know will be falling apart because out institutions and governments are fallible and vulnerable. They will be overwhelmed, and charities and religious organisations pushed to breaking point. There simply will not be enough provisions to go round. Food, medicines, water, fuel for the vehicles, irrigation water for home-grown vegetables, let alone the international food market which will be extremely limited. Supermarkets will shut down as the shelves become empty. Refrigerators and freezers switched off from lack of electricity. There will be looting, attacks, fires, gangs, and worse. Can humanity rise to the occasion? Can we emerge from this self-made disaster with unity and strength, be wiser and independent, forming a united front? Or will we continue to be divided warring tribes destroying our God given planet, destroying the wealth, splendour, and resources of the world because of our pathetic ideologies, pride, power and tyranny? Should we choose the latter then we will undoubtedly face an apocalyptic set of circumstances, the like of which humanity has never witnessed before. God is warning us through the New Message, the Revelations that should we go to war and ignore his warnings then we will have to face a new existence in a decimated world, as we are forced to learn how to survive on a planet with a climate out of control having lost its natural stability because of human error, human pollution and human neglect and abuse. It will take all that the human family have, our science, ingenuity and human will power just to survive in the messed-up world which we have created. As water is rationed, travel will also be rationed. We will be told where we can work and what we can do.

Governments will be split into dark forces not unlike those of George Orwell 1984 where there will be Big Brother dictating and watching us wherever we go. Our freedom of choice gone, our choice to have a family gone, our choice of where to work and what we eat all gone. Even our thoughts will be monitored and should those that are in power not like what we think or say or do then we too will be gone.

We are not so far from this now as there has been alien influence on our planet influencing some of those in power for many years.

Our phones record where we shop and what we buy then a few days later we receive phone calls from those exact shops that we were online perusing. The cameras on our laptops flicker and record what we say and do. Some believe the phones are recording our conversations as those in power spy and are listening in. Are we truly that far from the world written in the book of 1984?

It will be far easier for humanity to go to war over the scarcity of resources than it will to establish a union. Should it really be so difficult for the human family to stand firm, united and strong in the face of that which we set in motion. Are we really so immature and power struck playing toy soldiers, invading each other’s countries, rather than establish an agreement that is beneficial for the world in the long run and mutually beneficial now?

We have this one great opportunity to put things on the right path, to prepare during this era and establish a unity for the new world and reality as the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe enters the human family’s world of physical existence.

God through his love for humanity has spoken again through his New Revelation. God is telling all the people of this world, the rich and the poor of every country and no matter what their religion is, that if we do not pay heed to his message and embrace this greater power of Knowledge and perspective then this opportunity will be utterly wasted as humanity continues in its destructive and ignorant ways.

It is imperative that the people of this world hear the voice of Heaven, especially those in power and influence as well as those who claim to be religious. Humanity, please hear the voice of heaven now, or we will not be looked upon favourably for leading the human family into travail, far greater danger and destruction of the like we have never known. This is a time and challenge for our leaders of our nations, but it is also a time for our philosophers, theologians and inventors. For those critical thinkers amongst us to stand up and make a noise, be heard, shout loud over those that would oppose you or put you down. For what is happening in the world now is just the beginning of a future that will become only more challenging, more of a struggle for the individual and the human family as a whole. We must all contribute to a positive future and constructive outcome. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are even now standing in an economic crisis, a political battleground, a military setting of what could in the future transpire into coups.

Within the next twenty years we will witness our planet’s resources being squandered the world around. As we become poorer and poorer, we will witness humanity survive but in an extremely declined state of existence. Even the wealthy will not be able to sustain their position. This is the seriousness of our times now.

The importance of those reading these words now is to listen and speak out to others. Do not condemn the world, the governments and the rich.

Every individual is important now, each of us has a part to play whether it is large or small. Each of us cannot afford to be preferential to our own desires, the circumstance of the world needs you. As you stand now on the battleground, facing humanity’s future you must recognize that there will be no neutral ground for anyone regardless of their wealth, status, or power. We must all contribute to this crisis that is only just beginning and serve this planet, our home. Should we fail, there will be no going back.

Throughout history it is during the worst times that the greatest creations have been made. The greatest people have come forward and stood up to the test of time. Those of you who are religious will believe in a great saviour, a second coming. Perhaps your religious ideology will make you think you are above and beyond everyone else, this is your time, this is the great judgment day that was predicted in the old texts. Whichever religion you believe in or belong to, this is simply not true. For if you cannot unite with your fellow humans, if you cannot contribute to human unity and cooperation with people from different social classes, casts, nations and religions, then you are not working for the good of humanity or the good of your world. You are not working in our Creator’s name, our God, your God for heaven looks upon those who contribute to the human unity, to those that will support the adaption to a new world and to the Greater Community of life. Our isolation in the universe over, and it will never be so again.

The time for humanity to merge with other intelligent life is here, this is our Creator’s will, this is evolution and there is no getting away from this reality. For this is our destiny. However, humanity is sowing the seeds for a future conflict, war is raging everywhere and will become worse as the climate becomes more unstable. Nations will still remain nations and competition will continue to exist between them, but increasingly as we face the reality of living as a one world community, we must learn to co-exist, to stop being competitive with each other. We are now facing competition from the universe around us. We have resource explorers and economic collectives infiltrating our world in small groups. They are taking advantage of those who have influence, manipulating and promising them power and reward if they turn away from human leadership and support them. Divide and conquer is the plan.

We are living in turbulent times and with visits from races outside our planet Earth since WWII, it is no longer enough to be concerned with just national security; we are now faced with the task of global security.

It is what it is, an intervention. If you had an intruder in your house in the middle of the night, what would you do? Well, we have uninvited intruders on our planet right now, so what are you going to do about it?

This time, right now, our Creator is trying to prepare humanity for the rest of its existence. If we do overcome the alien intervention, the Great Waves of Change and more, there will be other interventions from other intelligent races from our universe. Our creator is preparing us for the long game. This is the time to become responsive, alert to the truth, God’s true meaning and God’s gift of knowledge that lies within us. We cannot afford to have different perceptions or opinions; we cannot afford the time to watch the heated discussions on TV. Science verses reality or religion, different cultures that are brought up to hate each other must cease to exist. Your ancient ancestors that were sold as slaves have probably been reincarnated as your current children or the white neighbour you hate. We are all connected, we are all from the same home, we are all born again and again throughout history and there is no hate in heaven. You may be a male Chinaman today who despises the American government. Next time you could be a white American congressman. This is how the universe works, there is no point hating each other for past wrongs throughout history. We are all part of that history; you could be alive now hating a person in history that was you. Someone today may have been Margert Thatcher in the past, or Hitler.

So you see, all this hate and anger towards the past, each other, different religions or cultures is an absolute waste of time and totally against what our Creator is all about. Think about it?

All must serve wherever they can in whatever capacity they can, great or small regardless of your religious belief. People must stop being preoccupied with their own needs, their own desires, their own greed. Want, want, more, more, how much land or money or power does a person need while there are so many others are needing just the basic things of life?

As humanity enters these grave times, unprepared and preoccupied with their cell phones and all they can do on them, they are not concerned with what’s happening to the world. The increasing number of wildfires from the unforgiving heat created by the climate change we have unleashed, need to be fought and more prevented from happening. Building dams to control the great rivers that feed Earth’s people and creatures need to be questioned and answered truthfully. The pollution of our magnificent oceans and the killing of the coral reefs and marine life need to be dealt with effectively. As the polar snow and ice caps melt, the ocean levels rise, the sea takes back much of the land. The visionaries, prophets, scientists and authors like me are denied, ignored or vilified but the battle for our world has started and all among you will live to regret not lifting your heads out of your pathetic world and listening. We are imperilled by the collapse of the World’s natural systems on our planet and by intervention from outside.

Chapter 5

Let’s be clear on what’s at stake. This is not about ‘saving the planet.’ Earth has existed for over four billion years and will continue to exist in some form for billions more. Nor does climate change spell the end of humanity on earth. Climate change is an existential threat because it will determine the degree to which humans will flourish in the future — the nature of their existence. We’re facing the possibility of humanity existing in a world not unlike the pre-industrial revolution and pre- First World War in structure, but worse in conditions because most of the human population will be living “on the edge”, barely surviving. Home grown fruit and vegetables, water wells, the return of the plough pulled by the great Shire Horse or oxen, possibly the outside privy, as water will be too scarce to use for sanitation, dishwashers, washing machines, swimming pools, and irrigation. Sailing ships will return for transportation of food until there is no food left to be transported.

As societies begin to break down and the people of our world become more insecure, social disorder will erupt and groups, villages and nations will turn on each other. Desperation will take a hold. Our planet is entering desperate times and people think that they know, governments and leaders think that they have the power and the knowledge to control our planet’s climate problems. But they are ignorant of what is really coming, ambivalent to the truth. Our world is preparing to emerge into the Greater Community of worlds. This is part of the reason why so much conflict is erupting in our world. There will be those that oppose this emergence, this evolution, this natural advancement of humanity. What will your thoughts be about our world belonging to a vast and far more advanced Greater Community? Can you grasp the mechanism of this? We will all need to listen to our inner knowledge that God has placed within us. This knowledge does not foster conflict of any sort in any way. There can be no hatred, division, cruelty or destruction. Humanity must unite and move towards union, toward sharing and co-operating with each other, there can be no war, no divisiveness of any kind. As one, the human family is strong, divided it is weak, vulnerable, and easier to manipulate. God knows this and God knows the previous revelations given by the old Prophets are not able to prepare humanity for a Greater Community of Life in the universe or for our world which is in environmental decline. These are the greatest changes that could happen to any civilisation in any world.

Humanity does not know or realize what is coming over the horizon; it does not understand the Greater Community’s ways, laws or restrictions. Even now there are political and religious leaders that are discussing options, technical advancements and more with some from the Greater Community here on earth today. Our scientists do not realize the state of the Earth sufficiently to see how we have overspent the Earth’s natural inheritance and that we have passed the point of no return and are headed on a course of self-destruction. These changes bring destruction, enough to reduce human civilization severely if humanity does not listen to God’s New Revelations and prepare.

Arguing now over who has the best religion, or outstanding founder can only bring more harm upon humanity. It is divisive and only adds to the fracturing of the human family. God knows and God has chosen the one to bring the New Revelation during this time.

People will resist and resent this, and accusations will be made, but this is failure on those who choose to perceive the messenger in this negative light, a failure to recognize and receive the great Blessing that God is now sending into the world. We have the opportunity to restore self-respect, compassion, humility, and dignity, releasing ourselves from our pathetic existence through the gift of knowledge within us, our connection to God regardless of religion, belief or non-belief. For God has placed this gift within all sentient living beings throughout the billions upon billions of universes, realms, and religions. So for those of you who can see and hear God’s Revelation and be the first to respond, you will be the first to engage and work in concert with the Messenger. You will be the first to spread the word, to take the ‘Steps to Knowledge’, to learn the way of knowledge, to hear first-hand the voice of Revelation, the same voice that spoke to Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad. For the first time in the history of humanity the Revelation is being given before the Proclamation. This is to stop those that are self-seeking or believe they are important in the universe from claiming to be a prophet of God, acting out of concert with the one true messenger. Today’s messenger is to establish God’s Revelation here on earth sufficiently, so that humanity can begin to prepare for the changing world and prepare to engage with other intelligent life from the Greater Community. This will change humanity’s theology; it will change our understanding of God and how we believe God works in our world. Challenging our fundamental religious beliefs about what we think redemption means, for now we know we are not alone, the human race is one amongst billions upon billions. God did not make man in his image, man made God in his image. Our creator is far more spectacular than our minds are capable of comprehending.

So as we honour and respect the new messenger, respect that he has been chosen and that he was sent into the world for this purpose. We must note that he is not a God, nor the son of God. None of the Messengers were gods or sons of God. This messenger like the previous messengers is not perfect and he, like all the other messengers, have struggled with the Revelation. He will come under attack and be condemned as no doubt this book will also be by the same arrogance, ignorance and thoughtlessness that is destroying the world today.

Human folly will be revealed. Malicious and deceitful darkness will be exposed as will those who claim to be religious but are not, who just use religion for power and dominance. All of this will be revealed in the Great Light of Revelation. The people who will speak out against God’s great words, God’s Revelation, will do so because this light will threaten their position, exposing their weakness, their true intentions, their foolish, destructive selfish intentions.

Chapter 6

As humanity has evolved establishing itself from small tribal families to the great city societies it has witnessed the development of different religions, languages, sorrow, shame, tragedy, war, famine, pandemics and worse, but this is all part of the human family’s evolution. By creating a world which, although not perfect, is still more civilized than from where it originated. However, we must take responsibility for our errors which have left us accountable for the environmental decline and disruption as we have plundered the Earth to the point where it can no longer provide sufficiently for the growing family known as humanity. Humanity is already borrowing from the next generation’s future as it spends their resources at such a rate that it will face depletion and world collapse. Having overused the world’s resources, God-given nature and the natural workings of the planet itself are changing.

We must start to adapt to this changing world and prepare for a future that will be very different from today. We cannot continue to waste the planet’s declining resources. We must stop polluting our streams, rivers and oceans, the air, hedgerows, and countryside. We must start to take responsibility. We must teach our children the value of Mother Earth and to respect their surroundings. They must be accountable for their actions and responsible in the way they live. Governments must prepare their people for what is coming over the horizon. Humanity is not paying attention to the condition of its planet nor is it aware of its own vulnerability in this regard. Humanity is showing nothing but decadence and ignorance of what is happening in the world around them.

As the foundations of the developed civilization we have built are eroding away, we must consider how humanity will manage if it cannot feed its people. If humanity cannot stop the rich, greedy, and wasteful from squandering our resources then we will descend into chaos. As we continue the degradation of our world, overusing our future energy requirements and water resources, then the human family stands to face a situation far more horrific than any war in our history.

The oceans are polluted with our plastic, and micro plastic is being found in our fish and sea birds. Micro plastic has also started to be found in humans. Sewage and other general discarded waste also in our seas and oceans are also majorly polluting. As the changed climate unnaturally overheats the water it causes great damage to our natural habitat. Climate change is causing the temperature of our oceans to increase, sea levels to rise and acidification from the absorption of too much C02 from the Earth’s atmosphere. Coral reefs suffer relentlessly from a myriad of global issues with climate change and pollution being major contributions. Other threats such as human influenced tropical storms, disease outbreaks, vessel damage, overfishing, decreasing oxygen levels, marine debris, and invasive species — species that have moved from their original habitat because it has become uninhabitable due to human activities.

As the Earth’s climate warms unnaturally fast it affects the melting sea ice and glaciers. This dilutes the North Atlantic saltiness affecting the density of the sea’s water that drives the Gulf Stream. If the waters are not heavy enough to sink it, then the entire Gulf Stream could slow down or eventually shut down altogether. The ocean is a significant influence on our planet’s weather and climate. With the ocean covering 70% of our global surface, it continuously exchanges heat, moisture and carbon with the atmosphere, driving our weather patterns and influencing our current climate problem exacerbating the human made negative impacts on our natural habitat. Scientists say due to the extra C02 that has been pumped into the atmosphere, the ocean acidification has increased 30% compared to pre-industrial levels. If we ignore the climate warnings carrying on as if nothing is happening it is thought this acidification will increase to at least 120% by 2100.

Our scientists cannot begin to comprehend what condition life on our planet will be like as time passes without intervention. The leaders, industrial, religious, and political, do not truly recognize how much humanity has overspent the natural inheritance of our planet, depleting the world so critically that its ability to be able to sustain human civilization as we know it is being increasingly curtailed. We have been, and continue to be, reckless, as we self-destruct, arguing over who has the best or correct religion and going to war over tribal outdated notions, fracturing the human family only adding to our planet’s devastating dilemma. This leaves us weak, divided and vulnerable to forces beyond our current awareness. Human folly, its ignorance and arrogance are starting to show, revealing dark and deceitful secrets that had been hidden from societies for too long. Leaders who claim to be religious but are not religious, who use God’s name for power and dominance will be exposed. The great rivers around the world are dammed, polluted by plastic, raw sewage or worse. So much water is wasted globally, and this will become more valuable than oil or gold in the future of our planet.

The latest estimate shows that the artic ice is melting so fast that by 2039 there is the likelihood that there will be no ice coverage at all during the artic summer. For some nations this is exciting and good news because mineral extraction and transportation through what would normally be blocked with ice is made easy. The negative side is mass flooding, displacement of millions of people many of which are in poor countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Other recent studies show that permafrost carbon release has been poorly understood. 1,035 billion tons of organic carbon is stored in the upper three metres of the Artic permafrost soils which is enough to overwhelm our ability to keep global temperatures below 2 Celsius.

In a 32 week controlled scientific study of 16 sections of peat from Lapland the carbon released into the atmosphere peaked then slowed down. Methane was not released in abundance and in dry conditions could be used as a methane sink, a highly important discovery that may help countries in a future melting crisis.

Permafrost covers 24 per cent of the exposed land mass of the Northern Hemisphere which is about 9 million square miles. It is found in high latitudes and altitude’s mainly in Siberia, Russia, the Tibetan Plateau, Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland and part of Scandinavia. There are also continental shelves below the artic ocean which were exposed during the last ice age that contains permafrost.

The artic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet at a temperature change rate that has not been observed in over 2,000 years. In 2016 the annual average surf temperature was 3.5 degrees Celsius warmer than it was at the start of the century. Also that year, permafrost in the artic hit a record of being the warmest ever to date. In Alaska it had warmed 2 degrees Celsius over the last few decades.

For every 1-degree Celsius increase in temperature, 1.5 million square miles could be thawing. Alaska holds 793 gigagrams of mercury — more than 15 million U.S. gallons, equivalent to 23 Olympic swimming pools. The mercury is stored in the frozen permafrost and layers of soil above it. In all the northern hemisphere’s permafrost, it is estimated there are 1,656 gigagrams of mercury which would fill 50 Olympic sized swimming pools, that is nearly twice as much mercury as the ocean and atmosphere hold combined.

The Northern Hemisphere’s landmass contains a quarter of our planet’s permafrost and findings in 2018 showed that if 30–99% of the artic permafrost thawed by 2100 a portion of the mercury will become mobile in our atmosphere. This would be a global catastrophe for the planet’s eco-system and human health.

Climate change can and is making many natural environmental issues worse. Mercury is a naturally occurring element that bonds with organic matter and when converted to methylmercury becomes a potent neurotoxicant. Permafrost stores twice as much mercury as all other soils, the ocean and the atmosphere combined and what happens in the Artic does not stay in the Artic. If the projected magnitude of mercury is released there will be a global problem for many years so it is imperative, we reach the Paris Agreement so we can minimise the serious problem globally in our fish and water.

Thawing of the permafrost also causes the release of methane gas which has been stored for millions of years. When it resurfaces and goes into the atmosphere it absorbs heat energy and then radiates it back to the Earth’s surface. Methane is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide by volume. So, the rising concentrations of methane in the Earth’s atmosphere is also and dramatically, causing the Earth’s surface temperature to increase. Scientists have also found a link with increased amounts of methane causing increased rain and flooding in some areas of the world. This rain is forming tropical wetlands which breed microbes that also liberate methane into the atmosphere. A methane feedback loop has been created.

Science has proved beyond doubt that this is not a natural occurrence, and that the melting permafrost is not in equilibrium with the present climate. Some site measurements have shown that climate warming since the last third of the 19th century has caused depths to more than 100 metres (328ft) of permafrost to be unnaturally warm. This soil known as permafrost has remained frozen for years and lies beneath nine million square miles of the Earth’s surface, a quarter of the landmass of the Northern Hemisphere, with Russia having the world’s largest share. The melting of the ice from the West and East Antarctic ice sheets and from other glaciers, would result in massive life-threatening sea levels rising. This level of rising would create catastrophic disaster for over 680 million people who reside or live near low-lying coastal areas around the world. This number is expected to top one billion by 2050. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the artic is warming at twice the global average rate since 2000. (NOAA) US Ocean and Atmospheric Administration also predicts by 2100 the sea level rising will create the displacement of approximately 13 million American’s alone.

The problems is that the statistics become outdated before the ink is dry as coastal communities are one of the faster growing communities making it impossible to gage an accurate prediction of the amount of people that will be affected by this tragedy.

This planet’s natural Artic ecosystem makes the ground watertight and maintains vast networks of wetlands and lakes across the artic tundra that also provides habitat for animals and plants. It currently stores around 1.5 trillion metric tons of organic carbon created by the remains of ancient life encased in its frozen soils for a hundred thousand years. This is twice as much as the Earth’s atmosphere currently holds.

There are also remnants of bacterial diseases that can and will be re-animated when un-frozen and back in our atmosphere. In 2016 the melting permafrost exposed a frozen reindeer that was carrying Anthrax bacteria. A boy died and many others infected from this. While some bacteria will not survive, scientists have proved some will and some were around before humans were on the Earth which means current human life would have absolutely no immunity to them.

John Hutlin a Swedish microbiologist wished to research the 1918 outbreak of the pandemic virus also known as the Spanish Flu. With the permission of the Alaskan village called ‘Brevig Mission’ Hutlin excavated from a mass frozen ice grave site, a frozen body carrying the 1918 flu that infected and killed millions worldwide.

Scientists also expect to find the bubonic plague and smallpox trapped beneath the surface of the Siberian ice along with other pandemics and plagues and well as infectious bacteria known only to the relics of time and history. But there is certainly no doubt that the warming of our climate is melting the ice sheets, permafrost, and soil above it, unleashing more threats than humanity is prepared for.

Many theorists before me have claimed climate change is part of a natural process, a transition that it is an inevitable part of our planet’s evolution. However, this is simply not true. Humanity is facing a future reality that has never been experienced before.

Chapter 7

As the human family continues to drink from the ever diminishing well it has created, it is now starting to witness lower yields in crop production. The (EEA) European Environmental Agency is projecting crop and livestock production decreasing even more and to such an extreme there will be the possibility and need for farm land to be abandoned in parts of Southern Europe. With the drop of farming income through poorer harvests and higher production costs, the prices we can expect to pay for food will increase dramatically in the future decades.

Worldwide food production is diminishing as the changing climate destroys and affects essential resources. As food production decreases, the difficulty of exporting and importing quality and quantity will also feel the strain. Nutrients, and minerals from soil depletion through heavy rain and other extreme weather is predicted to affect farmland value, decreasing it by more than 80% by 2100. Land abandonment will result.

Agriculture is highly vulnerable to climate change with biological systems depending on weather and climate conditions. Some parts of the Earth will experience wetter winters, other’s hotter summers. There will be less irrigation and a worldwide shortage of fresh drinking water. All the changes in weather patterns will have a globally catastrophic negative effect on our production of food. There is no escaping that wherever humanity resides on this planet, farming, working the land, rivers, and oceans will be affected by the breakdown of biological and economical systems which depend on stable climate conditions.

With soil overuse, its desertification, degradation, and erosion being under the influence of humans, humans need to re-think and correct what they have done. Farmland is suffering. In recent decades there have been dramatic changes in the way we farm our land causing immeasurable accumulative damage to the planet. Overuse of artificial fertilizer with its wash-off poisoning our oceans, over tilling the soil and antibiotics used indiscriminately on farmed animals. In the E.U. the agriculture sector is responsible for 10% of the greenhouse gases causing air pollution. To reduce agricultural air emissions that stem from fertilizer and fermenting manure and ammonia from livestock, humans must adapt to sustainable farming methods. This is particularly relevant because humans are deforesting immense acreages of land across the globe then burning the trees. Trees absorb CO2 in the atmosphere as the burning trees release absorbed C02 and the cattle placed on the land after it’s been cleared produce excess methane, creating another negative loop.

There is also the added expectation that foreign crop pests will start to invade other countries due to the changes in various climates. Epidemiologists across the world are already seeing signs of diseases spreading from their original area of our planet. In the past a pandemic could not travel further than its victims. It may wipe out a town or village or sometimes decimate a continent, but it generally did not concern those on the other side of the world from the source. Ecosystems allowed us to know where some bugs thrived, and others did not. Hence the need for certain jabs when you went on your holiday to certain parts of the globe. But with today’s global warming we are witnessing more and more people falling victim to a disease that has no right being in the vicinity and country it is in. For example, Yellow Fever which was limited to the Amazon Basin where the particular mosquitos which could spread this killer disease thrived quietly minding their own business. Unless you lived or travelled deep into the Amazon jungle you were not going to encounter this particular breed of mosquito or the Yellow Fever they spread. Today we are seeing these borders disappear as the warmer weather is allowing the mosquito to travel out of the Rain Forest and infect people around the country’s megalopolises killing between three and eight percent of those infected. This is just a single example of a killer disease that one breed of mosquito carries as it migrates to ever warming parts of the globe, when in the past it had been isolated through the planet’s natural ecosystem.

The globalization of pandemic plagues is just one of humanity’s future deadly health problems. Additionally, but caused by the same reason, there is a shift in crop pests and pathogens from country to country. This is an ongoing concern and scientists recognize that global trading in crops is responsible for the movement of pests. Currently there is no doubt that global warming is the cause of the world’s current rise in wheat pests causing food losses worldwide. With 800 million people going hungry today and the expectation of the global population rising to around 10 billion, the increase of pest destruction will exacerbate the planet’s food productivity problems causing millions more to go hungry and suffer from nutrient deficiency. If we don’t control and stop the root causes for this happening 50% more crops will be destroyed in the future than today.

Southeast Asia and Africa are predicted to suffer particularly through this manmade disaster. With much of Europe’s foods deriving from these countries it is expected that 3 billion people will need feeding in 2050. Rice production is both a victim and a contributor to the negative effects of climate change. Drought, flood saltwater, and extreme temperatures devastate crops and rice effecting the livelihoods of 144 million smallholder rice farmer each growing season.

Over the past three decades the soil in the Philippines has shown vast variability in soil moisture content through large scale inter-annual rainfall caused by the EI Nino Southern Oscillation. Some scientists believe that the change in the Earth’s climate will eventually have devasting consequences on the impact of both EI Nino and La Nina in terms of extreme weather events. The United Nations stated that climate change was the cause of drought in Syria from 2006–2011. This was responsible for the 75% crop failure and 85% death rate in livestock leading to civil war and 1.5 million Syrians migrating.mperatures devastate crops and risk the livelihoods of 144

Anthropogenic activities have and will continue to affect farming with deforestation across our planet so land can be converted into agricultural use for the rising demand in meat and Palm Oil we can expect to see great dramatical changes in farming across the globe creating famine, hunger, displacement and war.

Chapter 8

Thanks to population increases where the birth rate exceeds the death rate — child immunization and other medical advances we are living longer. We are looking at the Earth’s human population growing too large for the environment to sustain it. A world population problem where over consumption of the planet’s resources is consumed faster than the planet can replenish. With climate warming affecting our biodiversity and local ecosystems, we can expect poverty through the overuse of resources, displacement through war and lack of wild food supply through lack of pollination.

Humanity is entering a new world, a world of great environmental change with violent and unpredictable weather. The future will be a humanitarian crisis on a scale never experienced before, leaving millions of people displaced, unable to grow food because the soil is polluted or because of famine and war. This new world will be unbalanced, with terrible political and economic difficulties and differences. The people will start revolutions as governments continue to let their nations down. Economies that were once great and powerful will fail.

It won’t be a matter of perspective, who you vote for or which religion you follow. Humanity will need to set aside its differences, countries will need to put aside their past wars and judgments and inbred hatred for each other. The future will be a time where we must unite, working together, inspiring each other, sharing as we contribute to each other individually and as richer nations share with the poorer nations to assure greater stability. We will need to preserve our resources by controlling its consumption, but it is possible if we pull together. We cannot continue to pillage our world as if there was no future to be concerned about. We will need to become one-world community. Nature will force this adaptation upon us and for the human family to survive we will have to work with greater compassion, kindness, and cooperation.

As the seas rise and crops fail the energy resources will become expensive causing conflict over who controls them and has access to them. Growing and distribution of food will be difficult in the future creating great civil unrest. As fuel prices skyrocket it will become increasingly more expensive to export and import food, medicines and all that we take for granted today. Medicine will be expensive and difficult to get hold of, the elderly and sick will need more care and support as our governments start to fail and financial support is lost. We will need to grow our own food, become more resourceful, stronger, determined and less needy and reliant on outside help.

Studies confirm that agriculture both domestic and abroad will continue to face increasing risks associated to water availability causing more socioeconomic pressure associated with food production. Feeding people in the future will be an extreme problem compared to today, creating more social unrest and skirmishes. The need to prevent war will become our number one priority as we try to avoid a war that humanity has never encountered with a death toll of more than WWI & WWII together. This will affect even the wealthy nations as government leaders fail to move pro-actively into the future, often unwilling to express their true views through fear of being forced to resign as was the climate-conscious Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2018. He was just trying to honour the Paris Agreement.

Mitigation and adaptation strategies are essential and urgently required if the human family are to safeguard croplands, food distribution and ensure water availability. This would avoid poverty, global famine and the possible outbreak of World War III. For global stability It is imperative to resolve the socio-economic impact of food production.

If law enforcement fails, political pressure will follow, and pillaging, civil war and the breakdown of communities will happen as purging for survival begins. The wealthy will hire mercenaries so they can hoard goods, water, and food while the poor, elderly, young, mentally ill or handicapped and maimed starve. This is predicted to happen in the wealthy regions of the globe. Then the benefit systems fail and the free health care some countries offer diminishes. Taps and bathrooms no longer supply water. The supermarkets have closed months if not years previously and home-grown vegetables have been stolen. There is no fuel for heating or cooking. You are living the life of a 1980’s horror film.

This is the catastrophic world humanity has created. It is the harsh reality that few people, including our experts would have considered. Instead, our future must be based upon creating stability and security for all of humanity, everywhere. The human family can expect global food scarcity and massive economic consequences, such as food prices rising and having a knock-on effect of work performance and job losses, again slowing down the economy and reducing household incomes. There will be political instability and international conflicts as wealthier countries exploit the poorer ones as the race begins for water, fertilizer, pest control, insulin, antibiotics, needles, pain killers and limited food supplies.

Already further studies have shown and underscored that flash drought is going to escalate worldwide, with North America and Europe projected to experience the most significant impacts. In 2015 the statistics showed flash drought crop risk was at 32% and that it is projected to rise to 49% by 2100. Europe is expected to have an even higher increased risk due to the extreme emissions.

Maize is affected by antibiotic stresses as well as from extreme heat and drought currently exacerbated by climate warming. Biological disruptions and biochemical abnormalities with sub-optimal water supplies and unusual temperatures, all negatively impact crop development and yields. Drought alone has reduced wheat and maize yields by up to 40% worldwide. Antibiotic stress reduces crop yields further. This is happening all around the world.

It is not a time for complacency nor is it a time to debate endlessly over whether climate change is real or just a conspiracy to make money. Great waves of changes are already sweeping across our world. For those that still deny this, you and your family will be unprepared. Stay caught up in your insignificant life obsessing over the small things that will not matter in the future. For those with open minds and eyes, wisdom and knowledge will guide you to prepare. You will not be overwhelmed or surprised as you had the wisdom and sense to look beyond your ego and plan for the future. This will determine the very destiny of human

With the Earth being 95% water and high rain fall in some parts of the world, how can it be possible there would ever be a shortage of water? Yet there are currently 771 million people without clean drinking water and that number is growing because of rivers drying up. Wealthier nations that have access to the sea have built desalination plants to provide drinking water and there are currently 17,000 of these worldwide.

Desalination provides drinkable water, but the process is energy-intensive and costly. It also threatens sea life as the extracted salt is pumped back into the sea increasing its salinity which kills marine organisms and harms sea life. This in turn affects the fishing and trawling businesses. The whole process would become complicated if we were to manage it in an Earth friendly way. Additionally, humans have increasingly polluted the seas and oceans with oil, discarded rubbish from fishing gear to faeces and enormous amounts of plastic.

Tipping points mean different things to different people. For many, a tipping point is when an accumulation of small or even big changes suddenly cause a critical change. Usually, we cannot identify a tipping point until we have passed it. One of the best demonstrations of this is in the behaviour of ecosystems. Within the infinite complexity of living systems different organisms depend on each other and one break in the chain can bring rapid change to the others linked within it. A prime example is the negative impact on marine life due to the concentrated brine solution discharged into the ocean from desalination plants.

Change is caused by various reasons, including capitalist leadership from those in power. This will also be a tipping point and society must stand up and do something to be heard. This is when revolutions become likely. Thatcher had to listen to her people over the council tax marches and Ghandhi by the English in his beloved country India. Both of these examples had reached a tipping point before action was taken.

Geologists call the current world period the “Anthropocene Age” because the human species has vastly increased its numbers, power and force on the planet. It has gone on to exploit the natural, often irreplaceable resources of the Earth, upsetting established ecosystems which has led to the extinction of countless species. This has changed the chemistry of the land and air of the Earth in ways we have yet to understand.

Our climate has been destabilised and we can only guess at the consequences. Because humanity is more interconnected than ever before, the problems created will have a global snowball effect. What, if anything, can we do about all this? Can we discern future tipping points? Some politicians call for more respect for market forces, and argue about the effects of inflation or deflation, the supply of money, and the need for growth. Others are painfully aware of the wider issues concerning the environment in all its aspects.

As a race, we have non-negotiation rights; meaning every human has a right to say no to their government. Civil resistance is needed now, we are not being listened to, and capitalism is the main agenda of most of our leading governments not the future of our planet or children. If we are to avoid George Orwell’s “1984” outcome for them, then we must act now.

As previously mentioned, climate change is not about the end of the world, it’s about the end of human society as we currently know it, and the end of many beautiful landscapes, breeds of God’s animals and a planet that is self-sufficient.

“Great Waves of Change” are now converging upon the entire human family, creating a situation unprecedented in human history. With this change comes the already growing problem of human enhanced climate change. A change in climate that brings the violent weather, declining energy resources, declining food production, pandemic disease and the growing threat of competition and war over the world’s remaining water and resources.

There will be immense instability around the world and wealthy nations will not be exempt. It will be the time for humanity to decide whether to unite and cooperate with each other to share or propel itself into a state of permanent decline. Some communities and nations may collapse completely, others will have to migrate. There will also be a great shift in the order and functioning of civilisation.

According to Nasa-led studies many of the world’s freshwater sources are being drained faster than they are being replenished. Underground reservoirs are receding from India. China, and USA. It is estimated that within three decades almost 80% of the groundwater that lands depend on will start to run dry. The problem isn’t just extreme weather with droughts and rising global temperatures; the world is overpopulating globally. and potentially worse catastrophic climate change will come in our world’s future causing the natural water resources to run out.

It is estimated that 1.8 million children under the age of five die each year due to water related disease. In addition to this unmanaged wastewater, environments worth trillions of dollars worldwide are destroyed because of it. We are part of one ecosystem (the biosphere) that relies on plants and animals therefore it is imperative we learn to share and correctly manage these precious resources. It is also worth pointing out that this precious life sustaining resource takes a great deal of time, energy, and money to make fit for human consumption. Additionally, if we have water in bottles, each bottle requires fossil fuel to make it. A litre bottle uses a quarter of a litre of oil. All these processes contribute more C02 to our Earth’s atmosphere which in turn create more negative loops that cause climate change. Additionally, massive numbers of empties end up in our seas and oceans polluting them and our marine life. Micro plastic then finds its way into our food chain and is now being found in humans.

Industrial waste causes untold damage to wildlife, residents and arable farmland which also affects our food supply. Dams obstruct the natural flow of rivers which threaten the waters biodiversity because it completely changes the eco-system the natural life of the rivers were dependant on. Examples of this already happening are the Amazon and Parana rivers in South America. It is the seasonable variability of the water flowing within them that controls their ecologies, Then, after damaging the flow, humans pollute the water.

Today there are 2.3 billion people lacking basic sanitation or access to fresh water in this world, so it no surprise how many wars and skirmishes there are over access to, or the control over to this life sustaining resource.

Wars over resources are nothing new. For millennia humans have fought over land but as climate change takes a hold of our planet, and the earth becomes hotter and drier with desertification and deforestation, there will be failed crops and displacement of humans. It is inevitable that humans will go to war over the second most precious resource after clean air which is water.

Unless we change the way in which we manage this life sustaining resource and how we interact with each other, history predicts there will be fierce conflicts, bloody and brutal wars for control of it.

Since the 1960’s Turkey has had strained political relations with Syria and Iraq because of unilateral irrigation plans altering the basin flow of the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Even today disputes have prevented the governments from coming to any effective formal agreement on co-management. The UN predicts that by 2050 two-thirds of the global population will be living in water scarce areas which is a serious threat to the survival of the human family and other sentient beings we share this planet with.

It is also predicted that approximately five years later, 700 million people around the world will be forced into displacement because of water scarcity. People and the Earth’s creatures can’t live without water, so the choice is to move where there is water or fight. Historically we know of 1,300 conflicts over water. More recently the 2017 drought across Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia put more than 20 million people at risk and in the Darfur region of Sudan, fighting broke out competing for land and water. The violence resulted in thousands of innocent people being killed or displaced. Environmental degradation and ethnic marginalisation, manipulation and exploitation must stop. It is imperative that humanity learns to interact and share without bias.

On the Blue Nile the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa has been built. It cost billions and has a 6,000 megawatt capacity which is the equivalent of 6 nuclear power stations. However, Sudan and Egypt rely heavily on water flowing from the Blue Nile and see the Power Plant as a threat. Since the first brick was placed in 2011, Egypt has opposed the project. The leaders of Egypt were caught on camera threatening to destroy the Dam by using their Air Force to bomb it. This could have created a war between Egypt and Ethiopia and if either, or both sides, were supported by other regions, the conflict would have escalated. In 2018 Simegnew Bekele, the Chief Engineer and face of the dam project was found dead in his vehicle. The incident was written off as suicide but there was much adverse speculation as to it being murder. The Ethiopian President Abiy Ahmed was quoted to say “no force” could prevent the country from finishing the dam.

In 2022 the dam was completed and is now in operation providing Ethiopia with approximately 60% of its power but because of its size it will take between 5 and 10 years for the dam reservoir to fill up.

As more and more drought spreads throughout the Earth we can expect to see great change in the natural flow of many of the great rivers and we can only speculate as to what the future holds if humanity does not learn to share.

Charles Iceland, global director of water with the World Resources Institute’s Food, Forests, Water, and the Ocean Program has been recorded as saying how the planet is seeing a lot more floods and droughts as predicted by climate scientists decades ago. Increasing global temperatures are causing more water to evaporate which changes the water cycle causing heavier rainfall in some areas and increased drought in others. The least developed countries are receiving the brunt of the climate problem and the wealthier countries are suffering from too many people and lack of resources which places a strain on the resources they do have. In America there are constant fights between different states over the access to water, as they end up fighting over the dwindling water from the same river. Wells are drying up in California, the Colorado River is thinning to a dribble and the levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the two largest reservoirs in the United States, are at record lows. Although this has not yet led to violence in physical battle, it has led to suing in legal court battles. Also in California, there is a “water market” where buyers and sellers of “water rights” do just that. As the planet continues to warm up and drought becomes more common, this is likely to create a speculative financial market asset world-wide, but it could be life-threatening for many who live in the poorer regions of the world. Does humanity really want to create a manipulative market for a resource that the human family needs to survive? Without great consideration the negative consequences directly or indirectly of treating water as a financial asset and not a resource will have extremely dire consequences for humanity’s existence.

How long will it be before we see more of the developed western wealthier countries turning to violence as water becomes more and more scarce?

It is important to note though, that whereas my research leads me to recognize that water wars are inevitable, history also shows us that countries and communities have cooperated when tackling any water crises. Even with years of tension over the Blue Nile Dam, the disputes and threats have so far not developed into war. But the future could be extremely different as the world continues to become hotter, and drier and tensions rise.

There is also the problem that as the earth becomes ever more overpopulated and polluted the struggle for access to a vital lifeline like water will become problematic, and there will be some people, countries and continents using extreme measures to secure it.

In recent years the water in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin has dramatically reduced killing millions. In India’s Northern Plains villagers regularly clash over water scarcity as the population growth and high levels of irrigation needed are draining the availability of valuable groundwater. The rivers Indus, Ganges and Sutlej all originate from the Tibetan side of the border and are vital water supplies for both India and Pakistan. In 2022 skirmishes between India and China over claims to upstream areas left 20 Indian soldiers dead. China and India are showing increasing signs of war since Beijing built a “super hydropower dam” in Tibet. This dam built on a section of the Brahmaputra River, upstream from India, increases India’s dependence on its neighbour because it impedes the natural through water supply. Additionally, many other areas will become flooded or totally submerged. China has to date, dammed almost every major river on the Tibetan plateau with media reports saying that China’s intention is to create a “hydro-hegemony” by trying to dominate the water economy and ecology in south and south-east Asia.

A machine has been developed to predict conflicts before they happen. This Global Early Warning Tool has been 86% accurate in predicting conflicts before they happen. It works by combining data about rainfall, crop failures, population density, wealth, agricultural production, levels of corruption, drought and flooding. It is currently warning there are around 2,000 hotspots of potential conflicts

Chapter 9

Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires all over the world and human-caused fires on the edge of wildland areas have also increased partly due to climate change.

Historically, wildfires have played an important ecological role in clearing the forest floor of dead organic material by killing infestations and disease and adding nutrition to the soil. They also allowed sunlight in. However, when this natural cycle is disturbed by climate change and fires become more frequent and much larger there are many serious consequences beyond the death toll of humans and wildlife. Carbon emissions from these massive wildfires negatively affect climate and drive climate related events which contribute to yet more wildfires.

Dry wood combusts more easily during droughts, wet wood gives off more emissions which are harmful to breathe and harmful for the planet, again affecting climate change. However, there are some woods that even when dry, produce toxicity and poison into the atmosphere when burnt. These include laburnum, poison oak, poison sumac, poisonwood and the Brazilian pepper tree. If dead or dry wood has greenery on it, that will also cause major pollution and if poison ivy and/ or the above-named trees are burnt even as dry wood, poison in the form of urushiol is released into the atmosphere which is highly toxic. The Global Fire Emissions Database shows that the California wildfires in 2020 generated more than 91 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is 30 million metric tons more carbon dioxide emissions than the state emits annually from power production. But it isn’t only California having massive out of control wildfires. There are increased numbers of them as well as much larger ones in other States: — Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Additionally, other countries across the world including Albania, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Cypress, France, Indonesia, Italy, Greece and Tunisia have been having major climate change, based fires. This is disturbing the natural order of regeneration in a massive and dangerous way as it is much harder for ecosystems to re-establish when the scale of damage is so enormous. Climate change wildfires are on an immense scale and last longer. They throw the natural order out of sync. Some forests have been severely reduced or destroyed, changing the land into prairies or grassland. Fires burning through dense peatlands are even worse for the environment because methane gas as well as carbon dioxide is released into the air exacerbating global warming. Ecosystems are being changed through terrible damage.

Climate change fires are without a doubt going to become increasingly common throughout the world as the planet gets warmer and drier. Humanity will need to adapt accordingly. The affects will be degraded air quality, loss of lives, infrastructure damage, insurance problems and irreversible damage to the planet. With climate change we are entering a new realm, a realm never experienced by any human before. Unnatural global warming is not going away.

As we grapple with the ferocity of our changing planet, scientists predict record heat and drought making vegetation more flammable which will bring wildfires twice as destructive as historical average within 30 years. Each year around the world, between 260,000 and 600,00 people die from wildfires. No longer are the fires only in the countries with a hotter climate and with damage restricted to that area. Apart from massive air pollution, soot is being carried vast distances. Some has been found in Sweden’s Artic Circle on the ice where it absorbs more of the sun’s rays than it would if it had fallen on earth. This increases the unnatural speed of the melting further still.

Global warming being caused by human activities is now unequivocal. The main culprits to have started this are fossil fuels. Their excessive use has created the blanket that absorbs the heat around the world, but it has been, and is still being dramatically added to as I’m explaining, with all the other human activities.

It’s been said that when societies get to a certain tipping point, they cannot reform. Capitalism breeds extinction. If we want change then we need to act now. It is imperative that we start to stand up for our human rights, just like our grandparents did in the second world war to avoid Nazism and great-grandmothers did for women’s right to vote and inherit and Gandhi did for his country against English imperialism. We must not stand aside and let tyranny prevail. We are either with capitalism and the end of civilisation as we know it or against it.

Humanity has overused its natural resources and for us not to think of the consequences or to think them insignificant is to only burden our children and their future with even more than these predictable consequences which cannot now be reversed. An era of deprivation has now been set. Humanity’s greed and recklessness, lack of willingness to listen to greater powers not of this realm or smaller speakers who do not have reputable or established positions, has left us having to face these predictable consequences.

We are starting to face the world with declining resources, a world with diminishing assets as our population grows. We have disrupted the world’s climate to such an extent that it will now bring great havoc upon people everywhere as it produces unfavourable conditions for the human family. But if we can restrain our tendency to be greedy, blind and ignorant, and pull our heads out of our media devices to see the real world around us there is hope.

A large proportion of the human race is still blind and reckless thinking that resources will be sought elsewhere. That water can be found underground, the melting ice will provide us with the extra water needed, or we can find water from the many planets in space. This is just not going to happen. The underground reservoirs are already low, some empty, taking centuries to refill. We are already distilling salt sea water using more C02 energy polluting the air and the ecosystem in the oceans. There will be no travelling to other planets to seize their assets as their inhabitants are already here on the Earth to seize ours.

In the future food will become difficult to grow, more difficult to distribute and will be a subject of contention, competition, and conflict. Many nations will choose to hoard their productivity and will be selective as to which countries they sell any surplus food to. But there will be less food available for the world in general, which will by then be even more overpopulated, with less agricultural land and less ideal growing conditions.

Urgent action is needed now. What happens in the next few years will profoundly affect the next 1,000 years. Facing a human made disaster on an epic global scale we only have the next decade to make a change, or we suffer the breakdown of civilisation as we know it. The world now faces its greatest evolutionary threshold in its history as humanity merges into the Greater Community of life in the universe. A life where we interact with other life forms unlike our own who are more advanced and more able to use the mind in ways humans have not begun to know or understand.

We have growing economic upheaval, accelerating climate change and ever more resource depletion. There is religious division, increasing worldwide violence and decreasing unity and cooperation.

Scientists already believe that 8% of Earth’s species are under threat of extinction due to climate change as we destabilise the world’s eco systems. One of our biggest challenges will be the melting of the permafrost which contains methane, a greenhouse gas far stronger than C02. The Earth’s ice that has sat frozen for a millennium is now melting and Antarctica is losing three times as much ice as twenty years ago. With sea levels rising due to this melting ice, we can expect to lose many of the coastal cities which will have a colossal negative affect on economics. But it is not hopeless, God is giving us the tools we need to sustain our freedom.

Who will run our planet in the far future is not yet decided, but for the planet Earth to remain habitable it is imperative we act now. People must start to think of the bigger picture and leave behind their computers, mobile phones, and online gaming. Our modern-day world of media platforms and make believe has disassociated people from one another and the realities of life, nature, God and their own existence. Whereas it is true that discoveries like penicillin have turned our world around, it has also destroyed our basic social fabric the hub of humanity’s existence.

Chapter 10

Our communities are lifelines, the village hall, the church fete, the town’s carnival, parks, recreations grounds, our nuclear family, is the hub of the community spirit. It was community that got us through two world wars, various pandemics, and the odd invasion in our country’s history. Without community we are vulnerable to outside influence and manipulation. People have become self-obsessed, mesmerised by their gadgets, while ignoring the alarms that are going off around them. So, who is listening? Who is watching, acting, or paying real attention?

We seem to have lost our sense of community spirit in today’s society. Is this down to media, mobile phones and online gaming or has society just started to care less about their neighbours, the elderly and sick and their planet.

Community spirit is strength. It has seen the human family through two world wars and various invasions throughout history. It has supported us historically through the Black Death and other pandemics as well as various forced political and religious ideologies. We share our cultural heritage, our religions and general knowledge with each other. All our religions have a common denominator.

Community is a source of inspiration but more importantly community builds social interaction and is a vital part of being human. We need a community. It is in our DNA to live in groups, to build meaningful connections and relationships from childhood to old age. To share goals, ideas, common interests, religion, hobbies, secrets, advice and more importantly, knowledge, food, child minding, medical equipment, and the support we all need at some point in our life, especially for those who are elderly, handicapped, ill, vulnerable, or alone.

Being social creatures, meaningful relationships can develop among like-minded people or perhaps those who are different from us. It builds a deeper sense of togetherness, while reducing a sense of loneliness, stress, mental health problems, anxiety and worse. When communities are made up of those who show kindness, empathy, generosity, and a warmth of inclusion, it brings people together for the common good. There is safety, health and happiness along with the improvement of a common goal.

“Our differences are our strength as a species and a world community”

Nelson Mandela

It is the development of communities that build the crucial blocks that hold great nations together. It is how we teach each other where we are going and who to have living with us. For our social, cultural, political and economic development to be safe, equal and sustainable there must be a democratic community way of life. Environmental stewardship, political participation and economic stability are built through overall growth, developing structurers that will provide a better standard of life for those individuals within its community. Thousands of people are dying in and from loneliness. This is why communities are so important to mental wellbeing. Families and friendships play such a vital role in our day to day lives. Community support has been proven to help with alleviating stress, depression, loneliness, mental health, and social anxiety. It is important that we share a sense of belonging with our neighbours.

“Do unto others has you would have them do unto you”

It is important for the next generations that we lead by example. We need to show and inspire children and grandchildren or neighbour’s children to show kindness, charity, help, support, love and respect. We also need to show how we can work together to improve each other’s lives and the lives of those around them. Volunteering to help with the building of community projects builds strong communities and valued friendships which bring trust and shared experiences of both accomplishment and defeat which are both important in the decision-making process. Both are needed to bring about positive change and future success.

We have only to look at our history to see what hate, war, and indoctrination of the worst kind does when instilled into young children. Is this what we want? Do we wonder why our planet is losing its biodiversity. According to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London, England, the extinction risk of the world’s plants and fungi is 39.4%. These not only sequester carbon but many are vital foods for pollinators that we rely on for pollinating food we eat and are also vital as food or shelter for various creatures within the eco-system. According to the Rainforest Trust, 80% of the world’s biodiversity is within the world’s rainforests. According to the Wildlife Trusts 137 plants, animals and insects are being lost every day to world-wide de-forestation.

Communities of hate are built all over the world. In North Korea the kindergarten children have toy pistols and rifles lined up on shelves for play time. They are given cardboard paintings of American soldiers and encouraged to shoot them and shout at them calling them American Bastards. The North Korean child is bred to hate its two enemies, the Japanese and American. They are taught to want revenge and not reconciliation. The hate is being perpetuated. This is the beginning of a North Korean child’s education, to want to kill, take revenge and breed contempt.

Hatred has no place whatsoever in 21st century communities, countries, religions or children’s educational system. Promoting intolerance creates enormous harm.

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin or his background or religion. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Nelson Mandela

Other great leaders for human rights include the 3rd American president Thomas Jefferson (1801- 1809) who was the primary author of the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the major advocate for human rights including freedom of thought, speech and religion. Another was Emmeline Pankhurst who founded the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903 leading the way to the women’s vote through the Equal Franchise Act in England. In 1928 women in England, Wales and Scotland were allowed to vote on equal terms to men. The American white woman was allowed to vote after the 19th Amendment was ratified by Congress 19th August 1920 but for the American black woman it took until 6th August 1965.

The human family has come a long way and we have created a great many nations, countries, and cultures with a proud and diverse society with free speech and democratic rights. But this is thanks to great inspirational thinkers and leaders who fought, died and were imprisoned because of their foresight and bravery.

We can get to make a difference in our societies, communities, and our planet’s future. We must learn to teach our children to love, integrate, be social and culturally aware, to forgive, to show compassion and kindness.

For a better world, we must encourage and teach unification, equality, and leading by example. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison but his release in 1990 brought peace to his racially divided South Africa. More importantly he led the way for the fight for human rights around the world.

So much has been accomplished throughout our planet’s history. It is imperative that we teach our children at primary school age the importance of voting, the importance of recognizing how much our ancestors did for us and how we are failing them if we do not utilize the very political rights they died getting for us.

The majority of people on this planet do not care about what is truly happening. Consequently it is difficult for humanity to work with ‘The Generative Principle’ because, for it to work, humanity must unite. In fact, if the human family wants to save the Earth, we must unite. We must care enough to put our will behind saving the Earth and to do this we must first believe in climate change. It is real, it is man made, and it is happening right now. Ignorance is feeding the speed of Earth’s destructive climate change. It is because the majority of us are ignoring the negative happenings around our planet that is ensuring it will continue and become much worse. We must change the direction of the course the Earth is on and to do this we must change humanity’s consciousness. This is the law of attraction in action. Being aware, owning there is a problem, and uniting as a race that cares enough to put our thoughts into actions that will make this desperately needed change to save our beautiful planet. Natural law is a universal law. It is real. It’s based on energy and human thoughts are energy. Imagine what humanity could accomplish if it was to unite and work together with the power of positive thought aligned and routed all on the same manifestation? Without doubt the planet is in the middle of a crisis thanks to consumerism and the capitalist mindset. Humanity’s biggest threat apart from materialism, greed, corruption and themselves, is outside influence from other worlds. However, there are still too many dangerous, powerful non-believers of our man-made climate change. There are some celebs and their followers who are continuing as if nothing is happening; there are many politicians and business executives who are like ostriches with their head in the sand continuing business as usual and millions of people who just shut off from the world spending their free time watching T.V. shows, podcasts or YouTube, sending boos or playing games on consoles and phones as if nothing has changed. It has been said that “ignorance is the route of all evil”.

We currently have the right to our personal opinions and freedom of speech. If we are to stop the spreading of another plague or virus that I will name stupidity rather than ignorance, I implore you, the reader, to tell everyone that if we are going to survive ‘The Great Waves of Change’ then humanity must educate itself by doing far more than reading another ignoramuses blurb, and recognize that just because it is written by a magistrate, judge, doctor or religious leader, a politician or published author, it does not mean they know what they are writing or talking about. I work for God and as mad as this sounds my information comes straight from the top. So trust me, we are in a man-made climate change and a Mad Max apocalypse is on the way one way or another. The action we take today will determine how bad it will be.

Chapter 11

There are those that believe the scientists have become advocates and that they have been spinning the data to emphasize only data that shows impending disaster, and not the data that counters it. Does this mean that scientists are taking on the role of the politician or being hired by the politician to accomplish some spin doctoring? Either way it seems apparent that the public have lost faith or certainly are losing faith in scientists.

It is imperative to get the public to acknowledge that man-made climate change is real and it’s happening now. Scientists need to present the genuine data and they need to concur with each other. There is no doubt that there have been some mistakes in the past ten years regarding negative climate change predictions. In fact, it has been written that the majority of apocalyptic predictions dates have failed to be correct. However, notable top scientists and governmental officials may have predicted the incorrect dates, years, even the nations and countries it will affect, but the actual predicted problem of intolerable deterioration and possible various extinctions plus what will cause them was very much correct.

Scientists noted the burning of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases could increase temperatures as far back at the 1800’s.

In the 1970’s scientists predicted the planet would face “a carbon induced super-interglacial” that would be human influenced and would likely be detected around the year 2000. They also stipulated that a “carbon budget” would be needed to keep the Earth’s warming below 2C above pre-industrial times.

As far back as the 1950’s a physicist, “Gilbert Plass”, showed great concern that the Earth was going to warm up by 1.5 degrees per century. He published work on global warming. The oil industries therefore knew of the dangers that the energy industry was bringing to the planet and the dangers it would invoke, but when there are billions upon billions of $ or £’s to be made, it is in the interest of the shareholders and businesses from the CEO’s down, to downplay, deny and discredit scientists.

Between 1977- 2003 some of the world’s top scientists were hired by the oil company, ExxonMobil. These very same scientists predicted our current predicament of the global warming humanity now faces and are now unable to change, as well as its horrific fallout. Not only were these scientists correct with the most excellent and alarming accuracy, but Exxon went on to spend the next two decades denying that climate science even existed.

In 2012, Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil’s CEO, claimed that “Climate change is real, and that humanity would have to adapt to it”. In 2017 this man was later hand-picked by President Trump to be his “Secretary of State”, a position which involved Tillerson acting as a diplomat to represent the USA on occasions such as the Paris Agreement and other world climate change issues. The Guardian newspaper wrote how this was the very man who had orchestrated the campaign to protect ExxonMobil and the concealing of the full impact of the dangers that lay ahead for humanity if natural gases were continued to be used as they were. Pollution and often irreparable damage to ecosystems and nature in general would result with continued climate change. This man was responsible for misleading investors about the true facts and what ExxonMobil knew to be the truth about the future of the planet should they continue to use fossil fuel.

ExxonMobil’s operation in the USA and Indonesia have involved drilling, fracking and refining operations. The effects of these have caused a series of negative impacts on the local villagers in Indonesia and their environment as well as globally. Local villagers made legal claims against ExxonMobil for not respecting their human rights, torture, sexual abuse of pregnant women and spouses being shot dead. The case recently closed in 2021 after two decades of court battles.

Time and time again there have been correct, candid predictions of what the use of greenhouse gases will have on humanity and our home planet. Time and time again these predictions have been stifled, manipulated, denied and blatantly lied about. Those who still wish to deny scientists abilities to know what they are talking about or who believe that Climate Change is not man-made and very real, please stop reading the opinions of those who do not know what they are talking about especially on media platforms like Quora and Facebook. Do your own personal research in the library or however you see fit. But for the love of humanity our planet and God, wakeup and recognize it is genuine, man-made, here, now and is never going to go away. Our only hope to overcome political and industrial oppression, manipulation, spin doctoring, propaganda and worse, our current planet’s struggles, is to become one family the human family. Being a collective, increases our chances of survival from a lot worse than climate change.

The pollution, the famine, water shortages, civil unrest and outbreak of war caused by consumerism and humanity’s lack of basic respect for Mother Earth’s real enemy — humanity itself. Humanity is continuing to pollute. Humanity creates the famine, water shortages, civil unrest and outbreaks of war. They are caused by consumerism and humanity’s lack of basic respect for Mother Earth. It is imperative that we take our heads out of our electronic gadgets get back to some basics. Address how we are bringing up our children with total disregard for each other, our elders, and this beautiful planet that our Creator has blessed us with. It is disregard for each other and selfishness that is creating more Narcissism and it is the fastest growing cluster B personality disorder in the world. Does this surprise you?

Yes, the vast majority of actively publishing climate scientists, 97%, agree that humans are causing global warming and climate change. Most of the leading science organizations around the world have issued public statements expressing this, international science academies as well as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and a whole host of reputable scientific bodies around the world.

With changing facts, conflicting science data, and progressive new studies we are constantly witnessing nearly all the climate change information is full of uncertainty. However, the fact that seems to stay consistent is the need to act and whether humans respond and act, to avert the catastrophic transformation that awaits our future on the Earth. One of the major contributors to this catastrophe is the melting of the ice-shelfs and the rapid rising of our planet’s sea levels. Since 2018 studies have shown that the melt rate acceleration of the Antarctic ice sheet has tripled. Other scientists have proclaimed sea levels could rise several meters over the next fifty years, leaving the fate of many lives and how much land the sea claims back to those who claim to have humanities best interest at heart.

We do have a reliable grasp on our planet’s climatological past, and it is clear beyond doubt that the Earth has never shown such accelerated speed at warming up as it is today.

With 13,000 square miles already lost from Antartica’s ice shelf, we are running out of time. According to Ruth Mottram ( a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute the most recent figures are pretty disastrous showing more and more of Greenland’s ice being lost. Studies have proved beyond doubt that the enhanced speed–up of the icesheet’s melting is clearly caused by humans which is causing climate change. There is nothing natural about this.

Needless to say, the effects of Antarctica, Greenland and any of the mountain glaciers melting around the world would cause the ocean to cover the majority of coastal cities, shrinking the planet’s land significantly.

We already know that the melting of the Earth’s permafrost, which holds 1.8 trillion tons of carbon, a considerable amount more than that in the Earth’s current atmosphere, will produce Methane during the thaw. In the past scientist’s did not take the threat of permafrost melting seriously. Recent discoveries have changed this perception to what Nature Researchers are calling “abrupt thawing”.

We must listen to God’s Revelation that the world that we now live in is attempting to become one community, for this is its path, the path of evolution. But how can we evolve when we are so fragmented? How can humanity advance when it is in opposition with itself. How does the world expect peace when one fraction of it is competing with another?

Our planet, like many of the minds out there is constantly at war with itself, with no consistent focus or any real direction or purpose. This world, our world, humanity, is attempting to become one community. All of God’s worlds, wherever intelligent life has evolved, must become one community eventually. That time is here for humanity.

It is unfortunate but true nevertheless that humanity has not realized the importance of the mental environment. Humanity still sees the universe as a large untouched void just waiting to be exploited, conquered, or destroyed. Much like we are within our own fractured world, declaring war on each other, manipulating, threatening, and power mongering. Much like the adolescents of our world, we have not grown up, we have not learned to use our minds over our technology. This is where the greater community have the upper hand. For they, especially in our region of space are very advanced in the field of mind manipulation, telepathy and more. The power and ability they have in this environment clearly places humanity as the primitive race.

It is global security now that is the greatest issue. So, we must start to think as a united race or people of a wonderful planet within a Greater Community of intelligent life. Because of our immature behaviour, our need to be constantly at war with one another, humanity is not held in the highest regard with many in this Greater Community. We are seen as a warring set of tribes destroying a magnificent world that has many assets of great value that others covet. To intervene for their own self-interest, to preserve these resources and to use humanity as a workforce is just a logical step to those that want what we have.

Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself and not various forms of intelligent life, that not only look different from us but are different from us. These carry great power and ability, not only technologically but also with genetic manipulation. Humanity has not to date cultivated the necessary interactions with races that think differently, have extremely different values and priorities and social structures. We still have a childlike view of the universe, which means we are naïve. This places us in a vulnerable position. So you see reader, this is why we as a race are not prepared. It is imperative that we all learn and play our part in sharing knowledge. The book ‘Steps to Knowledge’ prepare for the merge with the greater community.

How many of us will be left after portions of the Earth become uninhabitable? How many after the death toll of global tensions and armed conflicts in the face of massive global migration, water and food shortages, (as witnessed with Syrian farmers already), is any body’s guess.

The quality of humanity’s future depends on the continued momentum of the climate movement. Most importantly, it depends on our ability to counteract our ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions. We have the means, but our transition to clean energy is still way too slow. Atmospheric CO2 levels are still on the rise. We need more people to listen, learn and act against fossil fuels and in favour of clean energy. We need to setup local groups, fundraisers, peaceful marches while promoting support. Invest in wind, solar, geothermal, tidal energy and all the emerging forms of sustainable energy. We need to rally against government policies that continue to subsidize the fossil fuel industry. Politicians are not going to solve the climate crisis.

We need a Martin Luther King, Jr. We need a Gandhi; we need a peaceful leader to take the reins so humanity is heard. Our governments are not going to save our planet from a predicted disaster, we the people need to do this. The momentum is building. In the past five years climate stories aren’t just the occasional catastrophe headline. There are serious articles like r wind about climate science, there are clean energy solutions and political initiatives like the Green New Deal. There are climate strikes, species extinctions and rising sea levels everywhere you look. But we have yet to surmount people’s latent fear of climate action. I mentioned climate change to an elderly friend who is today a retired magistrate and pointed out my dismay over how many educated people still believe climate news to be propaganda or mass hysteria.

“Yeah,” she said, “I am one of those educated people, I believe there is a problem, but I do not believe humanity is the cause of the problem or that it is as bad as the media states it is”.

Perhaps it’s an inability to process ever-present fear. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” But I’m certain fear was a constant companion to those living through WWI, the Great Depression and WWII. They learned to channel it into action, which is exactly what we need to do. We should be afraid of people who say there’s nothing to worry about. We should be afraid of reaching 2ºC of global warming. Our fear of political inaction is warranted. But there’s no reason to be afraid of becoming a climate activist. You can do it your way. You can stay inside your comfort zone or let the urgency of the issue push you outside it.

When we read about climate change, we cannot help but react emotionally. This is not a maths equation to be solved. It is life. It is the world changing around us that threatens humanity’s future for generations to come. Sooner or later, everyone will address the climate crisis. Whatever motivates you — fear, hope or common sense — the climate movement could use your help sooner rather than later.

We need to change our lifestyles while returning back to balance and harmony with the Earth and all we share it with. We cannot rely on false technological fixes, nor trust the capitalists that run out governments and industries. Big oil corporates and banking representatives just find ways to rebrand themselves as green, using the green movements for their own ends. Colossal subsides from around the world that taxpayers believe are for developing renewable energy resources are in fact the same old fossil-fuel entities in a different package.

Take the wind turbines and solar panels that provide no energy when there is no sun or wind and come at a heavy environmental price. They need a great deal of fossil fuels and lots of mining in their manufacture. Silicon, cobalt, silver, graphite, and of course coal. Then when manufacturing the storage batteries lithium and cobalt are needed. While lithium itself is not environmentally damaging the mining of it is. Cobalt is extremely toxic as well as extremely damaging to the environment when it is extracted from the ground.

Chapter 12

The search for aliens has reached a stage of technological sophistication and associated risk that now needs strict regulation at national and international levels. Without oversight, even one person with access to powerful transmitting technology could influence actions affecting the future of the entire planet and human civilization. That’s because any aliens we ultimately encounter will likely be far more technologically advanced than we are, for a simple reason: Most stars in our galaxy are much older than the sun. If civilizations arise fairly frequently on some planets, then there ought to be many civilizations in our galaxy millions of years more advanced than our own. Many of these would likely have taken significant steps to begin exploring and possibly colonizing the galaxy and visited Earth.

Many resolutions of the paradox have been proposed. Among these is the suggestion that all civilizations, once reaching sufficient technological capacity, eventually destroy themselves. More alarming is the possibility that alien civilizations are remaining out of contact because they know that sending out signals is catastrophically risky. Our history on earth has given us many examples of what can happen when civilizations with unequal technology meet — generally, the technologically more advanced has destroyed or enslaved the other. So should we really be sending blind, ignorant messages out to the Milky Way and beyond, when we have no idea who is receiving them? The answer is a sharp NO! Our world faces potentially existential threats, including global warming, destabilization of the environment and the overuse of natural resources. It’s probable that far more advanced civilizations may have already faced these issues and found solutions, or if that’s not the case they are looking for solutions and resources. For obvious reasons, much of the thinking about these issues is speculative. The best way forward, perhaps, is to broaden the discussion. If all of humanity is exposed to the possible consequences of contact with alien civilizations, then more people should be involved in making decisions about what is wise and what isn’t, when it comes to the building of boundaries, communication, and our planets defence. It shouldn’t be left to a handful of radio astronomers, power hungry leaders or religious idealists.

Even now Earth laws are being broken by politicians secretly meeting and discussing deals with these aliens. The general population worldwide is still not aware that contact has been made with E.T.’s and this contact was made decades ago. So, what of our democratic rights to have our say, to be aware of the facts that will ultimately affect planet Earth and the future of humanity.

SETI the non-governmental institute who have prepared protocols for an ETI Signal Detection concerning E.T. contact have a policy that once it is a hundred percent sure that an intercepted signal is from an E.T, it will be shared around the world giving all humans the chance to try to comprehend it. Democratic as this is, it leaves us with another dilemma, we now have an open door for all “Trekkies”, alien enthusiasts, nutters and those that crave superpower from around the world to reply in any way they deem fit. So what is a person supposed to do with this information for the highest good of the human family and our planet?

It may surprise the reader, but in 1948 after the horrors of WWII, inalienable, universal rights were granted to all people. That is, there were rights guaranteed to all people no matter what. These were enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the international community. However, as history has proven to us time and time again, there has been limited means to enforce these rights. In theory though all people are entitled rights such as liberty and freedom from birth to death which means among other things freedom from slavery. It appears however that this only exists on paper not in practice.

On the other hand, what if the aliens travel to Earth to form some treaty, or agreement on behalf of their space federation? Would Earth’s existing provisions through the United Nations and the Vienna Convention be considered as law and be observed? The answer is no! They have little if any respect for humanity as a race or humanity’s laws and policies on freedom.

If aliens can make it to earth, perhaps it is not their rights we should be concerning ourselves with but our own. In the event that technologically advanced aliens have come to Earth as invaders, the potential devastation, and causalities would be unimaginable.

It should be pointed out that the visitors, may have international galactic laws of their own, but like many of our competitors here on Earth, they are aware of these universal laws but are often found breaking them regardless. For example, what if the visitors were not supposed to be visiting Earth in secrecy? What if their space laws dictate that humanity needs to be totally aware they are here. And that any intervention being offered should be made so all of humanity is totally aware of the facts, and on board with the whole operation. What if their underhanded visit here on Earth, along with their secret dealings with certain people in power, were all a ruse to gain power and influence over the human race. Without us all having the true facts or being aware that they are even here, E.T. is breaking their governmental laws. It could be we have rights that the galactic laws clearly state that if we ask them to leave, they must leave.

This is exactly what is happening right under our noses, right now, with certain leaders in religious and political power. We have a great deal more than clean energy, climate change and nuclear power to concern ourselves with. The aliens have landed, they are here and have been for quite a while now and it is people’s ignorance and lack of ability to wake up and grow up that gives them the upper hand. While you all laugh at my words on this page, they are all laughing at humans.

The Copernican heliocentric theory put forward in 1510 was revolutionary and laid the groundwork for scientists to claim that planet Earth is a typical planet around a typical star in a typical galaxy and that we are not that special after all. We are not in fact the crowning glory of God’s creation but just one in billions upon billions of planets with life in the many billions of galaxies out there. Basically, we aren’t that special after all, just a narcissistic race that thinks we are.

Would the discovery of intelligent aliens create a Copernican effect on the human race and its self-understanding of who it is and where it came from. Surely the discovery of intelligent life in the universe in their billions, would lead people to feel insignificant, and consequently cause people to question their faith? Humanity should be aware that over many decades intelligent life has reached earth, visited, and departed and that extra-terrestrials who are far more advanced than us have been coveting Earth and its resources, having secretly watching Earth’s evolution for millions of years, and waited as humanity slowly depletes its own resources, destroys its sentient beings as well as each other. Watching as we fight over tribal Gods and deities, competing over countries, land and access, water, oil, human rights, food, space, and worse still, religion. With billions of potential planets for life existing in space, it is only logical that at least one of them is inhabited, and maybe the inhabitants want what we have. Maybe they are planning an intervention, planning a ruse to take control of our world right under our noses. Would it be so difficult? Manipulate the right power-hungry leaders in the right powerful places and parts of the world and gain some religious authority with the right power-hungry religions, while humans carry on in total oblivion with their heads in their mobile devices believing what the propaganda news throws out daily. With the current state of Earth in the year 2023, it has never been easier for an alien species to take over. We are all so busy being blinded by media, with a chunk of the planet being manipulated by greed and materialism, another chunk trying to take over the world and the rest just trying to survive.

Would it really be so difficult for an intelligent E.T., far more advanced than humanity, to come to Earth unannounced, having spied on us in secret for a millennium, watching us as we grow, becoming more mature, more established, less barbaric, to discern the right time to intervene. Could it be that we humans are still in a state of immaturity and adolescence in the eyes of our spies? As said above we are still tribal, fighting over different gods, beliefs, cultures, and political views. We destroy everything in our way, using up and polluting the water reserves, ruin the agricultural land, exterminate our eco systems and wildlife and contaminate our planet as we self-destruct. We are fractured in every direction with parts of the planet resembling “Water World”, and the other parts resembling “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome”. Water scarcity, food scarcity, ocean pollution with no marine life left, land barren, mass displacement, over population even though millions have died through countries becoming uninhabitable due to heat. Disease, famine, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and war throughout the world. Prices driven sky high for wheat, rice, water, and fertilizer as new diseases arrive from the melting permafrost that we no longer have the means to deal with through lack of antibiotics, or any other medication.

Could it be possible that several different breeds of E.T.’s are already here on Earth, gathering information on us, waiting for the opportunity to intervene. An intervention to take over humanity’s control of Earth, save what they can for their own personal gain and homes. Exploit those they manipulated with the promise of power while turning our world into a regime of totalitarianism. A planet that resembles a George Orwell’s “1984” and a Vintage Huxley’s “Brave New World”. People will have no right to speak, think to choose, to breed, to work, to create, to read, to write, to have an opinion or any entitlement, or to even wear what they want. The E.T.’s will have a world monopoly on communication with censorship and all-seeing telescreens with the watchful eye. Even our DNA will be altered as they create the new highbred human that will be compliant, docile, obedient, willing to serve, to be slaves.

Humanity will have no freedom. We are the Borg; we will be assimilated. Our mistake is thinking that we are alone in the universe. Except for the few, the majority, do not believe others exist or can reach our shores if they did. We are under the illusion that intelligent life is rare in space and that humanity is somehow superior. This is simply not true and very foolish and naive of humanity. There are still so many who do not believe in a life after death, in our Creator, in ghosts, in psychics and mediums or in any supernatural power whatsoever. Oh, how the new world is going to rock your world. For all of this is far more established and older that the beginning of time and certainly the beginning of humanity.

We are going to be forced to defend our planet, to establish our own rules of engagement with races visiting our Earth. There are currently no international agreements or mechanisms in place for how humanity would handle any encounter with extra-terrestrial intelligence. We also need to consider the intent of any alien that makes contact with us. This brings us back to the debate about whether we should in fact be actively attempting to contact E.T. at all with little in the way of agreed principles, actions and frameworks about how we collectively treat any E.T. encounters. One approach would be back to the basis of how we are supposed in theory to treat each other here on earth.

Like it or not we are emerging into a complicated state of affairs, and we must prepare for it. The challenge and threat to humanity’s future, freedom and structure of well-being involves far more human maturity than we have shown to date. We must unite as a planet, bring back our communities, start to look after our neighbours and each other and take time to look out for each other.

The great forces that are planning to arrive would shape the human family’s future and the destiny of our world bringing further depletion of our resources, greater environmental degradation and more heating of the world. Currently, the changing circumstances and ever-growing threat of conflict and war are but one of the threats we face from our misuse of our planet. But there are without doubt other forces at our doorstep which are even now impacting our world. This we did not create. The human family has been watched and studied, just waiting for a time when an intervention could be attempted. For planet Earth is a rare prize in our part of the universe, and there are only a few races that are aware of its existence and the potential it has for replenishing resources of other planets and enslaving the current inhabitants. For as humanity heads towards its own resource depletion, we need to understand that every advanced nation in the universe is facing or has faced their own resource depletion. Although they may have created technological innovation to deal with their planet’s problems, these innovations still need resources to run as well. There is no escaping this need.

For humanity to lose its self-sufficiency to outside races would open up extremely restricting circumstances that would change the course of the human civilization forever. Our lives would be controlled by others, and we would become reliant on them for the resources. In the universe the established nations are oppressive, where everyone is told what to think and must think the same. This is the norm for the majority of our part of the universe. Planets that encourage possibilities and free thinking for its races are rare indeed. For those of you who have read 1984 by George Orwell, reflect on the book and see this as an almost exact type of world we would exist in, but through E.T.’s influence not our own governments. Devoid of inspiration, any freedom of choice, privacy, the right to have a family, where you live, what you do for a living and should you question the authority your right to live.

Freedom is rare in the Greater Community because of the difficulties faced living in a physical environment. The challenges are brought about from the need to survive. This is especially relevant with the acquisition of resources, often competed for, which can lead to the threat of war then problems of governance. Surviving is the main objective in the Greater Community, and even with their advanced mental abilities along with advanced technology, this is no easy feat. Groups must work together to survive. If you become dependent upon other planets for the very resources you need to live and to function, then you jeopardize your own planet’s existence. To lose your self-sufficiency is to move into a position of greater vulnerability. This is not unlike what our planet’s currently starting to experience today. With the damming of water by countries with more power, money and infrastructure it leaves those countries with a weaker disposition but reliance on water from the same source in a state of insecurity and loss of freedom. Additionally, the larger a society becomes, the less resources become available so the more restraint there will be upon personal freedom as the country’s society has to place restraints for its own survival. This will become apparent with personal conveyance. Presently we can go wherever we want relatively cheaply but it will not be a choice during our planet’s future. This will not be through oppression, but through lack of resources and the circumstantial change throughout the planet. With water, fuel, food, and displacement through drought and heat across the world, travel will become a thing of the past. As our planet with its ever-growing population and shrinking well of resources continues, it is quite clear to see how personal freedom will become limited in the future through necessity.

Chapter 13

The Earth is now preparing to emerge with the Greater Community of Worlds, it is attempting to become one community for this is its evolution. And with this will come a greater process of evolution, development, and a meeting with God’s many other creations. With minds far beyond the awareness of most humans currently on the planet, humanity is not prepared for the evolutionary development that will be set into motion by the visitors. Our world must unlearn ambivalence; there is nothing in the human world which can prepare us for the Greater Community. For this we need preparation from beyond our world. How can we possibly prepare for something if we do not know what we are preparing for? It is impossible for us to comprehend the challenges, difficulties and opportunities that lay ahead of us. Problems and challenges that our race has never had to face before. Within the Greater Community there are minds, cultures, and practices far more powerful than our own. Some of these minds can dominate the human mind by manipulation. Many races from the Greater Community will be more advanced than humanity with their technology and social cohesion. This gives them power and influence over us from the start. Up until now, humanity has only had to compete with neighbouring countries or towns. We have never had to learn to interact, compete, trade, or protect ourselves from off planet intelligent life. Unlike Cook’s discovery of Australia and seeing the natives for the first time, this time it is humanity being discovered and this will be our greatest ever challenge. With much of the world’s population refusing to give up their personal interests, identities, religions and ideologies, the planet can expect a large proportion of its people to struggle against the change that will come. Of course, this will create great friction at the expense of the rest of the world’s interests. One, if not the greatest problem our world faces as it emerges into the Greater Community will be our religions. Our understanding, perspective, and knowledge of the Creator and life around us. This will bring resistance, as most of our planet’s religions are based on an anthropocentric view of the universe. So, the presence of life outside our planet will have a profound effect on this incorrect perspective. Humans will either reevaluate their human like Gods and beliefs or yield to a far larger viewpoint while opening themselves up to a universal possibility of God’s creational wonder. The human ego is capable of many extremes, believing they are right and that their religious ideals are the correct way. and it is highly likely that they will think the rest of the universe is wrong. Time and time again we have seen human arrogance demonstrate itself with all its destructive manifestations. If it lets us down now it will be because of people’s ego along with their inability to respond to new opportunities in the present. We can then expect tremendous conflict in the future. These changes in our planet’s destiny will bring even better opportunities for our planet and race’s future. It is a natural process that requires a fresh approach, with new understandings. Humanity will no longer be able to rely on the past as a point of reference for the determination of the future. The human religions, human society, and the human culture which are all based upon the past, will work against us. It will be our natural need for spirituality, social cooperation and political stability that will propel us forward to achieve whatever it is that needs to be accomplished to advance and bring about a greater order, peace and justice into our world.

For world peace and for humanity to be prepared we must become united. Although humanity with all its tribes, diversities, and religions sees itself as different and unique from one another, in the Greater Community we are recognized as one race and one race only. The distinctions that make us separate from each other across the world are not relevant to the visitors that walk amongst us today or to those that are on their way to earth. If anything, these differences are a weapon to be exploited, a chink in our armour, a weakness and opportunity to divide and rule.

How can humanity evolve when it is fragmented? How does the human family advance when we are in opposition with each other? It is imperative that we start to establish a world that works together, to create a better feeling of consensus. It is inevitable that a world government will be established eventually. If we are to prevent the destruction of the planet’s environment altogether, prevent crime and starvation on a mammoth scale and regulate the great rivers that provide different continents with their drinking water then this must happen.

With some of the largest natural resources of our planet being affected by pollution, drought, and man-made dam’s that many millions share, quality control through a world government is inevitable. With national problems spilling over into other nations increasingly, international intervention will be required to a far greater degree. To embrace our destiny with dignity we must adapt to the changing conditions by unifying and strive to unite with each other leaving behind our tribalistic ways. As we work toward creating a world that will adjust and expand its old religions, adapt them as we adapt our old cultural traditions leaving behind much of our parents and ancestors’ memory. It is imperative we adapt to the changing conditions, using them to improve humanity and improve the earth.

The present and the future require a new way of thinking, a new response, a human invention, not human indolence. The future, which even now is beginning to show, will be vastly different to that of today.

Firstly, most of us will become much poorer which will increase the need to share more. As our natural environment becomes ever more polluted, it will cause more and more parts of the planet to become uninhabitable creating more displacement. People will start to live indoors more which will encourage humanity to explore living under the ground.

As climate change affects farming, and agriculture across the globe, food production will become one of our biggest problems. New methods will be established, but skirmishes will spill over into other nations bringing about the need for international intervention. There will be less mobility, fewer opportunities, less jet setting away for a cheap holiday somewhere. People will own one vehicle if they own a vehicle at all. Horses, cows, goats, and sheep, especially animals that can work the land will become currency. People will start to grow their own fruit and vegetables again and support the local farmers and produce suppliers. The great supermarkets will struggle to supply their shelves in the future. Greater adaptation and adjustment will challenge many of the old forms of thinking and the old ways of doing things.

The world is in need of a new awareness, a new approach so it can build a fresh foundation for all of humanity. The world is in transition, a new age is starting now. Great ingenuity and courage is needed from individuals as we embark on an unknown journey into the future just as other intelligent life in the Greater Community before us have had to. Humanity is destined to connect and be contacted with other intelligent life from our region of the universe. Not all of this life will attempt to establish a relationship with us. Some will ignore us, some will try to exploit us or abuse us in some way, others will try to build lasting relationships with humans.

Our region of space is particularly active, and as we learn from the Greater Community and develop our wisdom, diplomacy and temper, our ego’s will temper our ambition and desire to conquer and rule, we will mature. For one of the major concerns for some of our visitors is our aggressive behaviour to each other and to the environment and the level at which we are destroying our natural habitat.

Earth is a rare planet; it has biological resources that are needed for regeneration elsewhere. The abundance of our biological resources here on earth makes us too valuable to be ignored. The visitors, who have been watching humanity for a long period of time, are not about to let us self-destruct. If we cannot engage in an existence with each other that is peaceful and does not use up the earth’s natural resources, then they will form an intervention. Financial crisis is everywhere, we are living in an age of pessimism and those E.T.s already amongst us are influencing vulnerable people’s beliefs. With the failure of communities, governments and faith in our Creator, people are easy to manipulate. Those amongst us that have strong religious beliefs, who still believe in a second coming, are amongst those who are easy to manipulate. It will be your ego, your faith and your refusal to recognize the truth. God is knocking on your door now, showing you the truth, showing you the first new Revelations to be given to humanity in over a thousand years.

If you can accept that our world is part of something far greater than we currently know, which if you really think about it, becomes staringly obvious. The human family just needs to accept that this world, our home, Earth, has for many centuries, been influenced by the Greater Community and has never really been independent. Not as much as we humans would like to think it has anyway. How this influence is currently affecting our world is beyond our current ability to comprehend. But if we, as a race on a planet, can start to broaden our scope of thought regarding our galaxy and its local residents, and accept that our world is being influenced, then it allows us to view our surroundings and options from a far stronger vantage point, giving us a better perspective, which is especially relevant when it comes to our religious cultures, politics, and God in general. For those fundamentalist and fanatics out there, this will be particularly difficult, for when they view the world, universe, and their God from a purely human viewpoint it does not allow for other intelligent life to exist, and they believe God created man in his image. The absurdity of this is obvious when we release ourselves from our tribal influences, our beliefs, and the grip our government leaders have over us or the conspiracy theories we dream up. Eventually, because of the Greater Community, all the religions of our world will need to be reconsidered. One of the major reasons religions do not deal with E.T. life, is the reluctance to prove their assumptions are incomplete and incorrect and will of course require a complete revision of beliefs and ideology, putting certain people in religious power out of place.

God is the creator of all races throughout our universe and countless others. It is far too complex for the human mind to try to comprehend. In our earlier times in Earth’s history and in some minds today, there was only humanity’s God. A God that has human values, human aspirations, and human principles and judgments. A God in our image. The rest of the universe is just scenery for the human drama, for our egos and imaginations to unfold in. In reality this is just not true, and in the Greater Community, none of this nonsense is sustainable.

Our creator is the creator of billions upon billions of intelligent life forms out there and cannot be expected to be preoccupied with the human race alone. Humanity presumes that God is micromanaging it, that Judgment Day is approaching, and that the resurrection of Christ will come. This is never going to happen. God has placed knowledge (the Holy Spirit) within all sentient life to guide us. It is through contribution to others and the resolution of all conflict that we will overcome our separation from out Creator and live a fulfilling life. For humanity’s God is not only the God of our physical universe, but also the universes in other dimensions. So how does any of the theories or philosophy account for this fact? When we try to illustrate what Heaven would look like, we are being very ignorant and to those more advanced races that are overseeing us, even childish, given the scope of our Creator’s creations. How could we grasp what Heaven would be like for sentient beings that we have yet to encounter and God’s creations that bear no resemblance to humans in any shape or form. So, it is imperative if the human family are to move on with the emergence, that humanity re-evaluate their positions and greatly modify their ideologies, for our current beliefs are greatly inadequate. As we meet those from the Greater Community and our understanding in the larger context of things changes and expands this will become plainly obvious, embarrassingly so.

Religion exists in countless forms throughout the universe, and with the case of a planet being colonized by another race, whatever religious traditions or practices the colonized planet may have, will be erased by the colonisers. Much of the spiritual essence would be lost through modes of singular worship, often to avoid competition and the crossing of intentions. This invariably leads to the worshipping of the heads of state or the race itself — praising the beneficence of one’s own race and its superiority over other nations.

Whether we like it or not, humanity’s destiny is to merge with the Greater Community of intelligent life, and for this to transpire the human family must learn the truth. The truth in a context that we can understand in our world and beyond. The Greater Community’s education is to be given to people everywhere — all ages, all citizens, all cultures regardless of their power or position and influence. This is vital to God’s plan for all his creation, but for humanity, it is imperative we act now as we have E.T.’s influence here, currently on Earth, and it’s leaving damaging influences with certain politicians and religious leaders of power. This influence will undermine humanity’s strength, power and wisdom, making these manipulative visitors time here worthwhile. Extra-terrestrial life is not some distant fantasy but a fact. Soon the veil of secrecy and ridicule that surrounds these conversations will be a thing of the past. Currently there is no real education in our world about the Greater Community which is why I write this book and offer public speaking on this topic. God has given us this New Revelation through his prophet Marshall vain Summers and through his words we will spread the New Revelation throughout the world, waking people up to the truth. Pulling them out of the matrix of sleep.

Chapter 14

There is a greater power at work in the world, a power that has enhanced humanities achievements throughout the centuries. Without this power humanity would not have come so far through its evolution. This power is within all that dwell on the Earth and all of our Creator’s creations of life on billions of other planets and dimensions, even those that are not ready to accept God, or a spiritual presence within their world or themselves. This gift from God, this part of God dwells deep within us all casting its holy influence upon each and every one of us. We are the vehicle for this holy gift. Strength, courage, and wisdom are given to us through this holy gift of knowledge. This is the same gift that Jesus speaks of in Acts 1: 1.11 in the Bible that will be sent to his disciples after his ascension. The Holy spirit, knowledge, will always guide those who listen and take them in the direction they need to go. This knowledge, this power, this gift, will express itself through each individual who in turn will gain the power to activate and influence all who need to receive knowledge, casting hope and a spark of life upon the world around them. It is here that we become a force for good and a force that will serve the Greater Power in this world.

It is the duty of every person who acknowledges The Revelation, who hears of knowledge and God’s New Word, to share wherever it can be heard. Because of today’s technology, this Revelation can be read, heard, studied alone or in a group effectively and for free. God’s word no longer has to be taught by holy men alone. We are all accountable for our own knowledge and can access this anywhere online for free through “Gods New Message” online. You can hear the angelic voices recorded live as they speak through Marshall Vain Summers, giving us God’s message direct. There is no room for error, or mismanagement, no room for Chinese whispers or being open to interpretation. There will be no way for the words to be manipulated, edited, or written down incorrectly hundreds of years later. God’s Revelation is recorded forever for every living soul from every living background to hear first-hand, and it will be every person’s natural desire to share and translate the Revelation clearly to all.

Unfortunately, there is corruption at work in our world, for whenever anything pure is brought to us in this world, it is mutated, manipulated, rewritten, or translated incorrectly to those of different cultures and different languages, or for those that do not read and write. Not today, not this time. If you are doubtful, suspicious or offended as it does not walk alongside your current religion or beliefs you can listen to the Messenger and the Revelation plainly, without deception or complexity and without human commentary that may pollute the atmosphere and purity of God’s New Revelation.

We have all been sent into the world for a great purpose, maybe not on a grand scale like Ghandhi or Mother Teresa, but the purpose is there nevertheless. Often because of political, or religious oppression or because people are blind to it through family or cultural influence, they just to not see or hear it. Alas this is the tragedy of the human family. This is the under-laying cause of corruption, dissension, conflict, hatred and all that plagues the human family and currently keeps us from becoming great within the possible unity of our planet and of the Greater Community.

As with all previous revelations of their time, this Revelation will be resisted, denied, or shunned. Our world does not know it needs a Revelation from our creator. Plus, there will be many among us that will be set against it for various often capital and selfish reasons. This greater intelligence that God has given to each person, works through groups, nations, inventors, individuals, and great leaders that support freedom, compassion, forgiveness, peace, communication, and work for a better way of life, enhancing responsibility, love and kindness. God gives the world and humanity what it needs but humanity does not see or recognize it. The human race continues to seek power through the military, wanting material power and material resolution. But we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our planet, each of us individually and not expect our problems to be fixed for us. God has given us a New Message in the miracle of Revelations, and with this we should face our personal redemption and take individual responsibility to contribute to society and to others. This is the miracle of giving, the miracle of forgiveness, the art of listening to the inner power that God has placed within each of us, the art of resonating at a deeper level and not from the ego.

Contribution is key here, every small gesture will travel miles as we encourage and teach one another to return to their source of power and the presence of the divine within themselves. Which symbol, image, personages, or scriptures you chose matters not, it is the pursuit and the recognition that we live with two minds that matters — the worldly mind and the deeper mind of knowledge. This is God’s will, this is what will save us from ourselves. Knowledge will inform our decision making and make all the difference in determining our outcome. This voice is the voice of a far greater conscience that will guide humanity, it is not the voice of our minds or our ego.

God is not to blame for the calamities and catastrophes of our world. God does not oversee our punishments through hurricanes and earthquakes, floods, and famine. This is nature functioning. Humanity will need to view the future world with great compassion for in the future there will be great loss and failure along with great foolishness and the recurrent indulgences of humanity as they become ever more extreme.

Chapter 15

We need to get the governments of the democratic nations to support the climate crisis and start to create the strong climate policies needed to save the family known as humanity. The governments need to see what we are truly facing, and it is imperative that we, the people, that is Jo Public, unite. We need to pull our heads out of our phones and gadgets and start to educate ourselves by reading the evidence and insist that the governments we put in power do something now. Despite all that is known now in the year 2023, the UK government is supporting deep sea mining. Greenpeace are spending monumental amounts of time and donated money trying to force the hand of the UK government to recognize the imminent and long-term threat to our oceans and everything that depends on them. Climate, biodiversity and coastal communities are under threat and many leading companies and expert scientists have concurred with this. As a result, Greenpeace is taking a stand for a precautionary pause now, to pave the way for an outright ban.

Despite the UK positioning itself as a leader in ocean protection during the Global Ocean Treaty negotiations, the UK government to date, has refused to call for a pause or ban on deep sea mining. Their argument is that it wishes to procure and sell the mined minerals to battery manufacturers to advance the green transition.

The ocean ecosystem is one of the largest on our planet, but it is a fragile world mostly unexplored and untouched by humans. The 24-hour mining that is intended will spread light and noise as it disrupts carbon cycles and leave vast plumes of sediment that will travel for miles in the ocean. The plan is to destroy vast areas of the ocean floor. This will desecrate the mysterious creatures that glow with phosphorescence and disrupt all marine mammals that voyage across the global oceans like dolphins, turtles, and sharks. According to Greenpeace there are creatures down there that will be destroyed before humanity discovers them.

The power to stop this barbaric mistake in our planet’s history is in the hands of our world’s governments, and their power is in the hands of us, the public, the people of this planet, the people that put them there and actually have more power if they unite and speak up. Wake up and start to fight for this planet and a better future as a collaborative and unified family. It is then that we may stand a chance of staying free as humanity’s existence emerges through the Great Waves of Change.

Tens of thousands of people/campaigners from all walks of life united at a fantastic event, “The Big One”, where many different activists and organizations came together to fight the climate emergency. Connect/summer 2023 Greenpeace. It just proves what the younger generations are thinking and feeling, and what can be accomplished when an unignorable mass movement of humans/people can achieve when they unite. The crucial point here is how together, we still have the opportunity to change the course of our planet’s future and the future for those that currently reside on it if we come together.

It is the absence of our politicians acknowledgement and the corporate greed of industries that continues to destroy our nature and our planet.

Corporate greed is responsible for some of the worst environmental issues affecting the world today and the world’s governments are complicit in this destruction.

Organisations like Greenpeace have won victories by working together, demanding large companies take responsibility for their crimes. Such crimes as England fracking and Shell drilling in the Artic. It was through the bravery of wonderful and brave volunteers scaling rigs, stopping ships, protesting with polar bears and mass petitioning that has stopped Shell from drilling in the Artic. It was the mounting and continuous pressure from local communities plus campaigns on the ground that placed a halt to fracking in England.

Today Greenpeace faces one of the highest risks as it defends the North Sea over legal disputes in the oil and gas sector.

Then there is the battle against illegal gold mining in the Amazon. This is connected to a long list of ongoing problems. Excavators tear down trees devastating nature as it destroys habitats and fuels soil erosion. Mining then contaminates the landscape, as toxic mercury is used to find gold in the soil. This leads to lethal health problems for the Indigenous people as the mercury leaks into their water supplies which then gets into fish and crops. Companies such as Hyundai have broken its links with illegal mining because of Greenpeace’s consistent battle to protect our planet and the innocent life that is exposed to human greed. Through their continued battle against illegal gold mining, Greenpeace intends to make sure other companies do the same, and stop profiting from the crime of illegal gold mining in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Without Greenpeace holding corporations and governments to account, many of the environmental protections secured over the last five decades would not exist. (Connect Summer 2023)

Global security is now the greatest issue. So, we must start to think as a united race or people of a wonderful planet within a Greater Community of intelligent life. Because of our immature behaviour, our need to be constantly at war with one another, humanity is not held in the highest regard with many in what we call the ‘Milky Way’ but is known by other life as ‘The Greater Community.’ We are seen as a warring set of tribes destroying a magnificent world that has many assets. Our ecosystems are of great value and others covet them and wish to intervene for their own self-interest to preserve the resources. To use humanity as a workforce is just a logical next step to those that want what we have. As humanity has only evolved to deal with itself and not various forms of intelligent life that not only look different from us but are different from us, it means we are ignorant and not prepared for their great power and ability, not only technologically but also with genetic manipulation.

Humanity has not to date cultivated the necessary interactions with races that think differently, have extremely different values and priorities and social structures. We still have a childlike view of the universe which means we are naïve. This places us in a vulnerable position. So you see reader, this is why we as a race are not prepared. It is imperative that we all learn, prepare and play our part in sharing knowledge, ‘Steps to Knowledge’ to prepare for the merge with the greater community.

How and when exactly this will be achieved is beyond our and certainly my present scope. But if we look around us without judgment, without the eyes of the capitalist, the narcissist or the attitude of those who would deny God, spirit, the greater community, (E.T.), and the world’s consistent problems that merely exemplify our need to unify, they will recognize it is time for this evolution. It is time for the world to evolve with other worlds. It is time for humanity to wake up.

When we look at the problems the world is facing today with its conflicts and the requirement that they be settled permanently, and then reflect on our history and current affairs around war, conflict, and religion, it is apparent that the wars we wage against each other and the world as a whole is to preserve separation, to maintain control with its power and propaganda that sustains separation stopping humanity becoming one community. But this is useless because regardless of the resistance, evolution must take place. It is the natural order of the universe and God’s will. All separation will be ended and all must contribute to this. It must and will happen. it is inevitable. It is written.

Regardless of how humanity and the world prepare for it’s future, regardless of whether the intervention overthrows humanity, or if the climate and the Earth’s destruction is ignored, the merging of our world and the greater community of intelligent life will proceed. It is up to the individual not to be complacent about this and to actively engage their mind. To recognize your own ambivalence about the world becoming one community. To recognize one’s fears, one’s concerns, one’s hopes and dreams may not be fulfilled. It is important to learn to unlearn, to be a student of knowledge. To undo the religious dogma and the lessons that were thrown upon you growing up. Religion had its place, this is true, but the world has a course to follow, yet it is still ambivalent about everything. So, it is up to the individual to unlearn ambivalence, to unlearn the science, the conspiracy theories and many of the spiritual teachings you have been observed, read or listened to. You must not go down that rabbit hole, you must listen to your inner knowledge. This is your connection to the creator, to your source. Through this your accomplishments will assist you in your great undertaking, for this could be your contribution to the world, and to the future of humanity. We must prepare. Humanity’s freedom depends on our preparation, it depends on our willingness to not only open our hearts but also our minds. Each one of us is responsible for teaching, for setting the stage for our own freedom and securing our own freedom within the world. We must not be discouraged that those around us will not hold our values, our beliefs, or acknowledge our commitment. Be aware that there are many within our world and beyond our world who are undertaking the same preparation, who are teachers of the greater community, of knowledge, of God’s will, and they serve their worlds as we do ours with all their heart and soul. There will be difficulties that we encounter, but evolution must take its natural course within the individual as well as within humanity as a whole and not forgetting the inflictions of evolution taking place on the other worlds too. But as each induvial evolves, they increasingly become a force for good in the world — a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict a force for peace, for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationships. We need to become more accountable and responsible for how we live and for what we consume and do. Do we really need those cheap clothes made in a sweat shop by third world children and families. The burgers we consume that supports the Amazon deforestation along with the countless oil that we managed to survive without for hundred of years. It is all very well having high ideals and values, but when we shop at these cheap clothes supermarkets we are in fact supporting the worst working conditions in the world.

As societies begin to break down, the people of our world become more insecure. Social disorder will begin to erupt and groups, nations and villages will turn on each other. Desperation will take a hold. Our planet is entering desperate times now, people think that they know, governments and leaders think that they have the power and the knowledge to control our planet’s climate problems. But they are ignorant of what is really coming, ambivalent to the truth.

This book is far more than just another prophecy about the coming of the apocalypse when water shortages, famine, plagues of diseases caused by humanity’s greed and refusal to share, adjust and prepare prevail. This is not just a book about climate change, or another book on how to save the earth. The earth does not need saving, the earth was here long before the human race and will still be in existence long after the human family have been annihilated.

This book is to enlighten those that wish to prepare for the truth. God has spoken again revealing to the human family his new revelation. No longer is it in the fringes of the past or the past understandings or past beliefs. This time the revelation is revolutionary and it can be witnessed by many from around the world. We are now living in a literate age where the internet carries information to the other side of the planet at the drop of a hat. We no longer have to rely on church services to be educated about the teachings of Jesus or go to the church for prayer. Gone are the days when only the few could read and those that could not had to rely on the character of their “betters”, their preacher, rabbi, squire or another landowner, often to be abused, manipulated, and exploited by the supposed written word of Christ.

It is the individual’s ability to respond to God’s Revelation that shows what kind of character they are built of, their true grit, their ability to fulfil their life purpose while keeping the values of one’s religious understanding. It will be the honesty and openness of one’s heart and mind that matters; their approach then perception to what awaits the human family. For all that is disingenuous, corrupt or mistaken, is revealed in the Light of God’s Revelation.

Preparation is key for God’s New Revelation for our World. It brings warning, blessings and the need to prepare. This preparation is for you today and for your children and the generations to come. This is the power behind God’s New Message, for God’s Revelation will undoubtedly change your perception of religion, bringing with it far clearer understanding of what the truth is. Religions will create the foundations of the human future by all religions building upon one another to provide the human family with ethical and moral foundations on how to create a better war free future.

Now is the time of God’s Revelation, not the second coming of Christ. Today’s process of Revelation is oh so very different from the Sunday School stories or the fantasies and fables that although once may have held some small truth in them, today have been grossly exaggerated, escalated time after time to give extra prominence, often losing all sense of the original meaning behind them.

A new messenger is with us now, today. He is Marshall Vain Summers sent by God, a messenger for now and the foreseeable future. Like those messengers before him, he has been sent from the Angelic Assembly. He is akin to all those messengers sent before as he completes his life purpose of receiving the Revelation, but this time it is vaster than what has ever been received by humans before.

All true great events came from humble beginnings. They were not grand or sensational or surrounded by miracles and grandiose events, for God does not need “extraordinary” to send his message. It is the human family that need awe and splendour, not our creator or the angelic realms.

To live in the time of a Revelation is indeed a great honour. It is rare our Creator sends a New Message into our world. But the human family is facing a time of great peril, a threshold challenge and difficulty that we have never witnessed or experienced before. A perusal of the past Revelations would not prepare the human family for ‘The Great Waves of Change’ that lie ahead of us. Only God’s New Revelation for this World can reveal to us clearly as it is meant to be given free of distortion, deception, corruption, and menace. Our Creator does not wish us to fall prey to the dominating forces of the universe or to continue plundering the Earth of its resources until the human family is a mere fraction of what it used to be with everything we created of value, lost. The Creator of humanity and the World on which we live, and the billions upon billions of intelligent lives in the universes beyond full of non-human life. The Creator provides the essential Message and Revelation for the welfare of humanity and humanity’s future on the planet Earth but also in the Greater Community. For as we stand at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life, a non–human universe, it is imperative that we prepare to emerge with this intelligent life. Some are friendly, some want to exploit humanity’s weaknesses. This is why it is so imperative that the human family chooses to unite in a declining world rather than fight and struggle over the access of remaining resources. This right choice will make a huge impact on whether humanity can prepare for the engagement with E.T.. Even now it is happening with government officials as certain races are manoeuvring their way around those few individuals that can be manipulated, exploited, and show weakness.


The Messenger has undergone tremendous strain and preparation as have those few who have been called upon to support him during his preparations. His purpose in life does not give answers to the theologians of the world, nor will he have an opinion on world affairs, different groups, races, or religions. This man that God has sent to us is here to bring a Message of Revelation and Redemption to all the people of the world, regardless of their heritage, affiliations, or religious beliefs.

It is the constant arguing over who has the right religion, the constant splitting and fracturing of existing religions that makes the human family so vulnerable. Continuing to argue over who has the best religious founder, messenger or religion will only continue to harm humanity now. Like all previous Revelations of their time this will be resisted, corrupted, dominated, and /or passed off as a previous ideology or vision. There will be those who resist their calling to the Revelation for different reasons, but your true calling in life is important, it is the true reality of your life of your very existence.

In a limited way, Knowledge allows us to see the circumstances of our life the way that God sees them. Through this gift of the Holy Spirit, we can determine God’s purpose for our lives and live accordingly. God is real and life outside the planet Earth exists in their billions.

Fundamentally all the religions, although sent and founded by the same God for our benefit to grow and turn away from our tribal existences are wrong. For, like many other gifts from our Creator, people in power, or those wishing to gain power and control, have edited, abused, and changed the meaning of the initial message meant for humanity from God.

There has been very little harmony amongst humanity at any given time. Peace is not all about politics, relations between various nations because people are continuously at war with themselves, their families, their past and their present, their egos and their wants.